I had this dream last night. It was a pretty short, but very random dream. It included one of my old best friends whose name is Savannah. I haven’t seen her in years, so not exactly sure why she decided to show up in my dream. Again, just remember this is a dream, so the jail mentioned in here, as far as I know, doesn’t exist in real life.


In Jail

I am walking down a long hallway. Two officers are behind me leading me to the cells. Behind them is my friend Savannah. Behind her, two more officers. The smirk on my face tells me whatever we just did together must have been incredible. Especially since we are in the countries highest security prison.

Here’s the thing, it’s not like you’re thinking. Right now in your head you picture single people, in a single cell, within this large building, and about 300,000 locks keeping you in. This place is different and society doesn’t even know it exists. Imagine walls lined with dog cages. These dogs cages bars are made from extremely thick steel. Now you’ve pictured that, imagine them being spaced out about 2 inches on the sides and 5 feet up and down. Inside of each of the dog cages are humans, their bodies sitting or standing inside the cage with only their heads popped out of the top. For the people that are tall, they’re in longer boxes with more “leg room.” For the people that are fat, they’re in boxes that are a good 5 feet in depth and width. These boxes are made for their people. These boxes are what we consider home for our full sentence.

And we must of really fucked up. Normally the room is filled with a good hundred cages, the one Savannah and I are being placed in only has about 30 cages.

What the hell did we even do? I can’t stop thinking to myself.

I get placed in a cage on the right hand side about 5 cages down. Savannah gets placed on the left side 2 cages down.

At this point, I’m feeling pissed. I’m getting more and more angry seeing Savannah’s face across from me. Was it her fault we are here?

Getting Out

I’m thinking too much. Who cares whose fault it is. Who cares why I’m here. The fact is, I’M HERE. And I need to get out.

Deann, think. How can we get an earlier sentence. Hell what is my sentence. I could be here for days. Months. Years. I want to have my life and not here. I want a real life.

I figure best option I have. Be good. Don’t talk much. Maybe become friends with the guard, do anything I can to get him to trust me, and let me do things around the jail.

That’s what I’m going to do.


It’s been a little while, but my time finally comes.

It was early morning and the head guard walks in. The click of her shoes with every step into the room. She stops directly in front of my cage. “Guess it’s your lucky day,” she says to me, obnoxiously chewing on her gum. She gives me a awkward half smile as she lets me out of my cage.

“Brower, here is what you’re going to do. Listen clearly, I’m only saying this once. Go out the hallway, to the right, third door on the left, showers. Clean clothes are in a clear plastic packaging stacked on the shelves. There is only one other door in that room, it says exit above it. That’s how you leave.” After she finishes talking, she nods, and just walks away from me. Not letting me reply at all.

I make it to the showers, but it’s been so long without one that I get lightheaded in the hot water. I begin to feel lightheaded, my body wanted to fall right where I’m standing. I’m trying to remember what she said to me about clothes. I can’t think straight. I feel like I’m going to fall. I’m stumbling out of the showers. I’m falling.


I’m out, which is what I wanted, but here’s the issue. I didn’t wake up in the shower room. I’m like OUT OUT. Outside. In some random neighborhood. But wait! Let me tell you the best part. I am butt naked, laying on some trashed mattress. Okay, okay, the actual good news is that it’s night time.

I stand up, walk around to get a grip on where I might be, but honestly I have no idea. Maybe someone has clothes hanging up behind their house? I sneak towards two houses and just as I get between them a light inside one of the houses turn on. I immediately hide behind a bush, the branches poking me makes me yelp a little. I see a man walk over to the window and look out, I don’t think he can see me. He moves away from the window and I dart out from the bush. Running to the two connected backyards.

There’s no clothes. Fuck it. I think to myself and begin running behind all of the house searching for clothes.

Finally, I find some. All of the clothing is white. All of them are soft like pajamas. I grab a pair of the pants, they are loose and feel like a pillow. They’re probably the most comfortable things I’ve ever felt. I decide to grab the white tank top. It was loose, but still form fitting to my body and again softest thing you could ever imagine.

The sun began coming up over the horizon. They sky a mix of color. I walk back towards the street and stand in the middle of it. The sun is coming up at the end of it. I take a breath and begin to run towards the sun.


And that’s when I woke up. Sweet dreams from WrittenREM.




Back in 2013/2014 I actually was deployed to a small FOB in Afghanistan. The picture for this dream is actually one I took while I was there. Now, being a vet and out of the military, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I miss it and would love to go back. With that in mind, it’s probably why I had the dream below. The dream features my friend Cassie, who is currently still in the military. One thing I want to make clear, never once did I kill anyone or seen anyone killed in Afg, this dream is just a dream.



Is deafening. The amount of times I’ve heard that saying, never to understand that it is actually true. Out here in Afghanistan, the everyday noises you’re used to cease to exist. All you have is the wind, your feet stepping on rocks and dirt, and the occasional mortar drop.

Right now, the silence doesn’t include mortars because we are lost. We were ambushed last night, members of our force lie among enemies bodies. Cassie and I are the only ones left. We grabbed a good amount of food and water and started walking to allied land.


Of mountains. Of flat valleys. Of dirt roads. Of nothing.

Where are we? We have to be a days trek from our allies. Just keep pushing.


I hear a vehicle coming from behind us. It’s going so fast dirt is kicking up like a bubble around it.

Gunshots. Are they shooting at us?

Cassie and I start running. To the right of us is a cliff, but at the bottom is a small lake. We look at each other and jump.

Splash into the water and come up for air. She looks at me and says, “look, a building let’s go see what it is.” We swim over to dirt beach, stand up and realize it’s an enemy intelligence building. We look back at each other and nod as if we already know what to do.

We head towards the building, alarms begin going off immediately. “Go!” She yells at me. We both storm into the building, me looking for a computer, Cassie scanning the room for enemies. “Clear,” She says and stands behind my back as I begin hacking into the computer. “Got it.” I say, while mapping out coordinates on our hand map. “Let’s go,” she says just as a man rounds the corner.

In near perfect English he asks us are you lost? and begins laughing. Cassie starts laughing with him and then smirks as she walks towards him. He goes to raise a gun at her. She grabs it and pushes it to the side as he fires a round. Taking one hand off, she elbows him in the jaw. He takes one hand off the gun to react to the pain, which she uses to yank the gun out of his hand and throws it to the side. In a matter of seconds she has him on the ground. Her swift, precise attacks crippled him and we are running towards the door.

As if they expected that to happen, guess what was waiting for us outside. Oh, just a helicopter with its gun pointed at the door. I swear, before we even were out of the door Cassie knew what to do. She ran and grabbed a rope nearby, ran and jumped off a nearby parked car, grabbed the railing of the helicopter, and tied the rope to it. While she was doing that, I grabbed the other end of the rope, tied it to the car, and got in the driver seat. Once she was finished she jumped on top of the car. I heard the thud and began to drive.

The helicopter didn’t react fast enough and tilted, it’s blades hitting the side of the intel building, bringing it crashing to the ground. The rope, where attached to the helicopter, burnt off. You clung to the roof as I put the peddle into the floor. We were speeding away, in the rear view mirror I could see other enemy vehicles pulling up to the building.

After a few miles away, I felt it safe enough to stop and let Cassie into the vehicle. Once she sat down in the passenger seat, she turned and looked at me saying, “well that was easy.”
And that’s when I woke up. Sweet dreams from WrittenREM.

The Ending

The Ending

I had this dream last week, but me and my non-artistic self were trying to figure out the best way to describe the tornado I had in this dream. So what did I do. I tried drawing it. A for effort. This was another shorter dream.


The Ending

Trey and I lived in a small house, there was nothing surrounding us once again. Just us, our home, and happiness. We were watching TV in the living room, when a national broadcast interrupted our show.

Goodbye, the end is now.

That’s all that flashed across the screen. Following us seeing that, all of the lights inside the house go out. We walk outside to see the sky turning a dark gray. Across the horizon we see it. I would want to call it a tornado, but it was kind of a mash of a tornado. It was both a tornado forming from the top of the sky and one forming from the ground, meeting up and colliding in the middle of the sky. Inside the tornado there were galaxies being ripped apart, its stars and clouds being stretched out and exploding in a storm of lightning and fire bursts. It was beautiful, yet terrifying. At this point Trey and I looked at each other.

“What is that?” Is the only thing that came out of my mouth.

Trey said, “All existence is collapsing. It’s been gathering up every inch of the universe and we’re next. Come here, stand next to me one last time.”

I look over at him and say, “what about Red?” Red is our dog. How could we just leave him in the other room without saying goodbye.

“You don’t have enough time,” Trey yells as I had already began running to the other side of the house to grab Red.

I made it! I have Red in my arms and am running back towards Trey, but before I even leave the hallway of the house, I look out the window. And there it is. It’s smashing into the house, debris flinging everywhere. I hunch down, covering red and protecting my face. The tornado exits the other side of the house and there he is. Trey, still standing on the other side of the house, but there is a huge black crack of nothing in between us.

“Leave Red there and jump.” Tears are falling out of his eyes as he says that to me. He wants me to come to him, one last time before we die. I just nod, set Red down and walk to the end of the hallway. I begin running towards Trey, I’ve reached the edge of the black crack, and I jump

only to hit the tornado which has whipped back around to finish tearing apart our house.
And that’s when I woke up. I was in complete panic mode searching for Trey in the bed. Only to feel him still there sleeping next to me. Sweet dreams from WrittenREM.


The Magnus

The Magnus

This dream is from three nights ago. It was definitely one of the more ‘awesome’ dreams I’ve had lately.



I’m set into a futuristic time, with flying cars, skyscrapers that go beyond the clouds, roads that are ragged and filled with the poor.

It is a dangerous time, but I’m not afraid as I walked down the main street. There are fights happening around me, over little scraps of food and lost money. Many are naked or barely clothed. Teeth are gone and their hair, clumped, hanging down to their shoulders. These people will never end up anywhere in life, except her on the street.

I don’t want that to be me.

The Magnus

As I’m walking down the street, a vehicle begins to descend from the sky. Judging by the black, blue, and white coloring, I know who should be stepping out of that vehicle. A team of Magnus.

They dress in black gear, are stronger than any living man, even though some are as small as twigs. The rumors I’ve heard say they give away their soul, which is separated into the two parts of good and bad, making them insensate. After that, they go on to complete jobs given by the deity. No one in the world is afraid of the deity, but everyone is terrified of the Magnus.

Except me. I’m curious. I want to know what they do. I want to learn more.

The team of Magnus have just stepped out of the vehicle and are beginning to walk away. As they move, minions begin popping out behind them out of thin air. These minions are small, frail human creatures that follow and do the bidding of the Magnus. Many die on the job, but the Magnus, “that’s their job.”

The Job

I don’t even notice until moments later that I’ve been following and watching them as they head towards their job. We end up at one of the many pet stores in the city. The minions begin taunting the shop keeper and opening animal cages for.. whatever reason. The shop keeper is on her knees begging them. I don’t know what about.

As I’m watching, a wind begins to pick up inside of the shop. One of the Magnus has his eyes pinned on her and the wind is swirling around him. I’ve never seen anything like this. The animals are freaking out. I see a baby iguana (side not I have one in real life) and immediately think that I need to start saving these animals. I first pick up the iguana and begin to run through the store trying to find the exit.

The minions begin running with me, scaring me so much that I feel as if I’m squeezing the life out of the iguana. Two minions ahead of me shape shift into large adult iguanas. I stop running and begin tiptoeing around them hoping they don’t attack me. One jumps towards me as I round the cages. It bites the iguana out of my hand, shredding it into pieces.

I stop walking, look at my hand, and realize I’m not going to be able to help the animals. So I just walk back to see what’s happening with the Magnus. I round a different rack of cages and end up running right into a Magnus. He doesn’t even stagger a little when I hit him. He just slowly turns around and looks down at me. His eyes are the brightest blue color I’ve ever seen. They look empty and cold. He’s still staring at me, while I’m shaking immensely wondering what’s about to happen.

He says, “nothing.”

“What?” I blurt out without thinking.

He says, “I see everything that’s going on in your mind. You’re troubled, yet curious. There is a strength inside of you. Why are you here? On Main St.? Your future looks different in my eyes.” His voice sounds like water, his words flowing off his tongue smoother than anything I’ve heard before.

While staring at this Magnus, the other two Magnus of the team walk over to his side. Their eyes are different. One a fierce red color like a fire is raging inside. The others eyes are void of any color, the whole eye part is white. The one with red eyes looks down at me and says, “You’ve met Clint. He can read your mind. He’s told us that you need to come back to the deity. You’re not supposed to be here. Your life is supposed to be,” he looks up a tad, looks back down and continues, “different.”

The Deity

After getting in the Magnus’ vehicle, we flew into the sky and are now at the deity. Inside of the main hall is insane. All of the walls are black with red and violet decor. I know sounds hideous, but in all honesty it was breath taking, beautiful. The deity is striding out from the side room, it’s like he is walking on air. To make it even better, he’s wearing all white.

He walks over to me, his eyes opening wide when he sees me. He touches my forehead and then nods to the Magnus that have brought me here. Mathis, the one with the red eyes, picks me up like I’m as light as a feather and puts me on a chair saying, “don’t move.” I’m terrified, but he continues on to say, “it doesn’t hurt.”

The deity walks over to me and holds a small black rock to my mouth. Mathis says, “open.” I open my mouth, the deity chants some unintelligible words, and out of my mouth flies a black shadow that dives into the rock. Mathis takes the rock from the deity and places it on a black pedestal.  Orlo, the one with the white eyes, walks over to me. He doesn’t say a word, just hands the deity a funnel looking object made of all white. The deity takes the object, bows his head as if he is praying, and then jab the object into my stomach. I feel like a wuss as I gasp and my body shudders. Orlo just puts his hand on my should, as an ‘it’s okay’ notion. Instantly my fear goes away, as I realize there is no pain to be felt. The deity takes the funnel object out of my stomach and places it in a nearby fire. Shockingly, it’s not burning, it just rests with tons of other funnel objects and coals.

Mathis tells me to change. I stand up and begin to ask where I need to go to change. But he just smiles and says, “think about it.” Clint says, “there you go. That’s what you need to do.” And all of a sudden, I’ve changed into Magnus gear.


It’s been years since my initiation into Magnus. Just as the Magnus before myself, I was placed into a team of three including myself. Mosley, another Magnus, has been paired with me from the start. We have had other Magnus come and go as our third in the team, but none have enhanced our performance. The deity is still trying to find the perfect Magnus for my team, since Mosley and myself, well.. we just kick ass as a team of two. We have completed hundreds of jobs, and I can remember every moment. From setting up a camp out in the wilderness to stepping into our Magnus vehicle while chauffeuring the Princess of our land.

“Life has been great as a Magnus, I’ll never go back to Main St.” I tell Mosley as my dream goes to a closeup of the two of us laying on our Magnus blankets. The blankets are as big as a house layout, each of us in the center of the blanket, our names are written in the top left corner. The blankets blend us into the ground beneath us as long as the name matches the Magnus that lays on it. Minions are popping out of thin air again, jumping from tree to tree keeping a watch out. Mosley says, “I agree.” And that’s when I wake up.


Sweet dreams from WrittenREM.



This dream is from two nights ago. Backstory, when I was in high school I did color guard and winter guard. However, being out of high school for now 7 years, there are times when I still wish I had a flag to spin. I miss just being free to create whatever you’d like and tossing the flag in the air. Anyway that is where this dream arose. Used fake names for my “old friends.”



I decided it was finally time. I was going to go to Florida, break into my old high school, and get a flag from the color guard room. Here’s what I didn’t know, the school wasn’t closed. Not only that, but my old friends Joan and Stella were there. These girls despised me. We had a huge falling out when I was in high school and them being there was not helping my case to get a flag.

But i still attempted to get one. I ran through a maze of stairwells, hallways, climbed up ladders, and finally I was there. The color guard room. I went inside, grabbed a flag, and began my descent out of the high school.

Joan and Stella turned into monsters, crawling on the floor on all fours, teeth turning into dagger points, and they were fast. I was trembling as I climbed down the stairs, jumped off of walkways onto the floor below, anything to lessen the time it would take to get out of this school.

Finally, I was out. The only thing I didn’t know, they had called the cops.

On The Run

I got in my car and began to drive north. I had no direction in mind, the goal was complete and now all I needed to do was get away. I drove through Georgia and decided to stop in South Carolina. I went into a local diner to have lunch and take a much needed break from driving. I was enjoying my food, until I saw the news come up:


Murder Suspect

Deann Brower


25 years old

They showed some old facebook picture of myself as reference. I grabbed my pancake off my plate and ran out the door.

I got back on the road and continued heading north. The only thought in my head, looks like I’m going to Canada.


I had made it to Virginia, still on the run, but I’m running out of gas, money, food, and I smell from the lack of shower.

For whatever reason, my mind took me to a mall. I was running through the mall, snatching up a couple pieces of new clothes, grabbed some food, and tried to pickpocket people for money. There were too many security guards though. And the next thing I notice is one following me. I begin running through the mall, trying to find an exit. They shut all elevators and escalators, stairs were the only way to go down. However, as I reached the stairs I noticed they had sprayed some weird foam substance from the top of stair to the ceiling all the way down the flight of stairs.

The only choice I had, to go down the damn stairs. I run down, well slip, and slide until I hit the bottom. Covered in this weird foam, I know I need to get out and cleaned up as quick as possible so no one notices its me.

Finally, I’m out of the mall. I ditched the flag there. I left my car. I stole someones bike outside and I’m peddling in the woods away from it.


I get to the edge of the woods and there is a street, no cars, no houses, looks like a place I can hop onto and keep riding away. While I’m peddling down the road, three people on bikes pop up out of no where. Two are boys, one is a girl. They say they’re here to help me, they know who I am, and can hide me until the cops give up. Whether that’s days, weeks, or years from now. So I take the help.

We twist through the streets on our bikes. Riding with me in the middle so they can be the primary focus, we been peddling for a good hour, when the girl says shes thirsty and wants to stop at a gas station. We stop at one, the girl and one of the guys go inside to get snacks and drinks. The other guy is still on his bike, turns to me and says, “they’re really going inside to call the cops. They’ve been talking about it for about half an hour. Trying to plot how to get you caught for the reward money. If you come with me right now, ditch them two, I will really help you.”

All I do is nod my head and we ride away.


We only rode for about another hour before the boy, whose named happens to be Gabe, turns to me and says, “this is it.”

There is a gigantic Victorian house in front of me. Gabe continues riding around the side of the house towards the back, so I follow. We get to the back side of the house and there is a hill that slants down towards where the basement would usually be. Instead, a little ways under the house there is a room with all glass walls, except for one, which is an actual wall painted in white. He says, “follow me.” We walk underneath the house towards this room. He opens up the glass door, walks inside, and lights a candle. The whole room lights up and all you can see are white decor and bathroom fixtures.

I walk inside, close the door, and turn around to look out. It’s as if the house disguises the fact that there are people in this room because when I turned around to look out the window, there was nothing there, but grass fields and the night sky. No more driveway, no more garden, just this room and the distance. I continue staring out the window while Gabe beings to draw a bath.

“Don’t worry.” I can hear Gabe saying behind me, “No one will find you here. The tub is filling up for you. Please, feel free to get yourself cleaned up.”

I just continued standing there looking out the window. I feel Gabe come up from behind me, put his hands on my hips, and begin to strip me from head to toe. “Deann,” he says as he spins me around to face him. He grabs my hand and begins to lead me to the tub.

We are standing in front of the tub, when he gently picks me up and places me inside the enormous tub. He starts to walk away, but I say, “Gabe, where are you going? I don’t want you to leave the room.” He silently walks back over to the tub, begins to strip himself, and slowly steps into the water.

His hand lightly cups my chin as he asks, “is this okay?” I just slightly nod. He smiles, begins kissing me, then thrusts himself into me. Which is when I woke up.


Sweet dreams from WrittenREM.




This dream is from three nights ago. It was a pretty short dream, but it’s still in my head. Figured it’s time to put it up here.

Field House

I was standing in front of a home. Looking at out a vast grass covered land. The hills went on for miles. It seemed like the only thing on this earth was myself, my boyfriend, our house, silo, and dogs. There was nothing else out here, but us and life was grand.


One morning, I hear what sounds like a tornado ripping across the land. I run outside to see what could be causing the noise. The sky was a dark gray, clouds were so thick that the sun was nonexistent, the whole scene was just… dreary. I had an uneasiness in my stomach. I ran towards go tell my boyfriend, Trey, that something just isn’t right.

Before I reach the house an airplane appears from within the clouds. It’s coming down. It’s going to hit the house. I froze, standing what seems to be miles away from the house. Watching the plane come down. Its wing clashes into the silo, the engine causing a fire to start out. But the plane hasn’t stopped moving.

I can’t move. I start shouting, “Trey! Trey! GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! TREY!” The house is quiet. The wind is howling. The plane crashes into the house. No one came out.


I had no luck in finding Trey or the dogs. I’ve given up on the search. I’ve accepted they’re gone. I started to fix up our house, …my house, but at this point I’ve stopped. There is no use. I can’t tend to this place by myself, so I leave. I begin walking for weeks.

Finally, I come across this maze of homes. Connected by walkways 3 stories up, tunnels underneath the homes, it’s a fortress built from scraps of wood, metal, whatever these people could find. They allow me to enter their homes and join their people.

I live there for a while and meet some new friends. That’s when the topic of where I came from arrived. I begin telling them the story about our home on the grass hills. Where no one lived except Trey and myself. I told them of the storm that came from no where and how I lost everything due to a plane crashing into the house.

Their faces dropped with my explanation. I figured it was just because it was a sad story, so I told them, oh no need to worry. I’ve gotten over it now. Moved on. I’m fine.

They looked at me and said, “that’s not the issue. It just heard you. The weather is voice controlled.. you didn’t know.” As a tornado formed over our heads and ripped us into pieces. And that’s when I woke up.

Sweet dreams from WrittenREM.

Photo credit – Mike Robinson; https://tau0.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/montana-summer-storm/  (I did darken the picture to resemble what I saw in my dream.)

Neighborhood Friends

Neighborhood Friends

This dream is from two nights ago. I’ve been having plenty of dreams since my last post, but for some reason I haven’t remembered them after waking up. Apparently I only remember them if they are extremely weird AND scary. Either way, enjoy!

Making Friends

My friends and I are riding our bicycles down the street in the middle of a beautiful, homely neighborhood. We are having a blast until an older woman comes out of her house and flags us down. Immediately I worry that we are going to get in trouble for riding our bikes in the middle of the street, instead she looks to me and asks, “How would you like to come into my house and become friends with my daughter? She really needs a friend.” I glance around at my friends on their bikes and they look back at me with expressions of good luck.

They all peddle away from me, leaving me and this woman alone in front of her house. I think for a few seconds, but decided that I wouldn’t mind helping her out and go into her house.

Once we are inside the house the mother gives me the grand tour of the first floor. The house is a simple home, two floors, and a basement below. After the tour she leads me into the kitchen and tells me, “We were just making some cookies, help us.” There wasn’t any introductions between the daughter and I, we just started making cookies.

After the cookies are done the mother tells me that she’d like me to come back everyday to continue bonding with her daughter. For whatever reason, I agree.

Becoming Friends

Weeks are going by. Everyday we bake cookies. The daughter and I still aren’t speaking, but the mother insists that we are truly becoming friends. She says that we are progressing more than I realize, but really I just don’t see it. Even still, I continue going to their house.

This day is different. Something isn’t right. I walked inside, was on my way to the kitchen, and realized the basement door is open.

I know what you’re thinking, no I didn’t go down in the basement. That’d be like every other typical scary movie.

I continue walking to the kitchen, ignoring the door. Once I get to the kitchen the daughter looks up at me, gasps, and drops the cookie pan she is holding. The mother turns and starts to yell at the daughter, but stops once she notices I’m in the room.

“Your early.” She states coldly to me, then turns to a something in the room I can’t see. “Go back down to the basement.” I hear a mans voice follow, short and sweet, “Yes mother.” I walk further into the room to see a timid, adorable looking man walking towards me and going back into the basement. The door closes.

Meeting the Man

A few days go by, I’m still curious about the man that was in the kitchen. So, while baking more damn cookies, I bring him up. The mother immediately says, “Do not get yourself involved with my son.” I look back at her and say, “He seems like he needs a friend though. Please, just let me be friends with him. I’ll even go down to the basement to do it.” She looks at the daughter, smirks, turns back to me and says, “Fine, but I expect you to be here everyday. Just as you were with my daughter.” I nod quickly and return the next day.

The next day I go down into the basement and meet the man. He never had a name, we will call him Andrew. Andrew and I hang out everyday, he is charming and funny. He seems to be opening up to me quite a bit. He always talks to me as if I am the best thing to ever happen to him. So I continue going and spending time with him.

It’s been months. Today, when I walked into the house the mother looked at me as if something bad is to come. “Are you sure you don’t want to bake cookies with me and my daughter today.” I immediately shake my head and say, “Andrew is waiting, but thank you.” I go down into the basement and Andrew runs over to me, giving me a huge hug.

“Andrew, I’m glad to see you as well. How is your day going?” He turns to look at me and says, “It’s going well Deann, but I know what would make it better. If you were mine forever.” I look at him smiling and say, “Well of course I’m yours forever. I’ll be coming here everyday until one of us is gone.” He looks at me and beams a bright smile, grabbing my hand and pulling me further into the basement. He sits down on the couch and pats next to him, asking me to sit with him. I sit down and for the rest of the day we watch TV and chat.

The day goes by and I get up to leave, but Andrew grabs my hand. “Where are you going?” I look back at him, “Home Andrew, but I’ll be back tomorrow.” He growls deep, looks up at me, and says, “You are mine forever. You’re not going anywhere.” He stands up from the couch, grabs my arm, and shoves me into the closet. The door slams and I hear it lock. I’m stuck in this closet.

Breaking Out

It’s been weeks. Andrew brings me food and I get little snippets of the basement life when the door opens. I talk to Andrew through the door everyday. I figure out when he goes upstairs to get a bath, when the mother comes down to give him food, when he goes to sleep, when he does everything. It’s the same routine everyday. I’m just the extra addition to their house.

I’ve been gathering items from the closet, not even really items. They’re little things like parts of the wall that chipped off, some wood from the door I’ve managed to rip off, and a small shard of glass I found in the corner. I’m waiting until Andrew goes upstairs to his bath and then I’m going to break out. I’ve been planning it for a while, but I wanted Andrew and I to be on good terms before I left. Don’t ask me why, I guess in a way I really did care for him.

He’s going up the stairs… The door to the basement just closed… I can hear the footsteps upstairs, they should be there right… now. I make my move. I begin breaking the door with all the little pieces of closet I could find. I’m ramming into it with everything I have left in my body. Until the door finally breaks down. I run up the stairs, fling open the door, and go as fast as I can to the front door.

It’s unlocked! Thank goodness! I run out the door, down the walkway, until I get to the street. There are a ton of people in the road. What’s going on? Must be some kind of block party. I continue running until I hear something. It’s the house, the front door is opening, and the mother speaks, “You really thought it’d be that easy.” She said it so cold that I stopped running in my track. I turn around and there she is with Andrew behind her, looking at me with sad, yet angry eyes. He walks from behind his mother to me in the road, “I told you, you’re mine forever.” The people in the street surround me. They grab both of my arms and walk me, next to Andrew, back up to the house door. Andrew lightly grabs my hand, the people holding my arms drop their hands, and Andrew calmly says, “Let’s go back to the basement.” We begin to walk in the house and I hear the mother speak out from behind me, “Don’t try doing that again. You’re here… forever.”

And that’s when I woke up.

So I know this might not sound like the scariest dream, but while I was dreaming I got to see everything. All of the conversations Andrew and I had. All of the days spent baking cookies. The looks that Andrew gave me that were of fear, sadness, and love all intertwined together. And when he pretty much told me that I was stuck there forever the dream turned dark. I loved this dream, but was honestly so terrified when I woke up in a sweat at 3am. I couldn’t fall back asleep for about an hour. Sweet dreams from WrittenREM.