This dream is from two nights ago. I’ve been having plenty of dreams since my last post, but for some reason I haven’t remembered them after waking up. Apparently I only remember them if they are extremely weird AND scary. Either way, enjoy!

Making Friends

My friends and I are riding our bicycles down the street in the middle of a beautiful, homely neighborhood. We are having a blast until an older woman comes out of her house and flags us down. Immediately I worry that we are going to get in trouble for riding our bikes in the middle of the street, instead she looks to me and asks, “How would you like to come into my house and become friends with my daughter? She really needs a friend.” I glance around at my friends on their bikes and they look back at me with expressions of good luck.

They all peddle away from me, leaving me and this woman alone in front of her house. I think for a few seconds, but decided that I wouldn’t mind helping her out and go into her house.

Once we are inside the house the mother gives me the grand tour of the first floor. The house is a simple home, two floors, and a basement below. After the tour she leads me into the kitchen and tells me, “We were just making some cookies, help us.” There wasn’t any introductions between the daughter and I, we just started making cookies.

After the cookies are done the mother tells me that she’d like me to come back everyday to continue bonding with her daughter. For whatever reason, I agree.

Becoming Friends

Weeks are going by. Everyday we bake cookies. The daughter and I still aren’t speaking, but the mother insists that we are truly becoming friends. She says that we are progressing more than I realize, but really I just don’t see it. Even still, I continue going to their house.

This day is different. Something isn’t right. I walked inside, was on my way to the kitchen, and realized the basement door is open.

I know what you’re thinking, no I didn’t go down in the basement. That’d be like every other typical scary movie.

I continue walking to the kitchen, ignoring the door. Once I get to the kitchen the daughter looks up at me, gasps, and drops the cookie pan she is holding. The mother turns and starts to yell at the daughter, but stops once she notices I’m in the room.

“Your early.” She states coldly to me, then turns to a something in the room I can’t see. “Go back down to the basement.” I hear a mans voice follow, short and sweet, “Yes mother.” I walk further into the room to see a timid, adorable looking man walking towards me and going back into the basement. The door closes.

Meeting the Man

A few days go by, I’m still curious about the man that was in the kitchen. So, while baking more damn cookies, I bring him up. The mother immediately says, “Do not get yourself involved with my son.” I look back at her and say, “He seems like he needs a friend though. Please, just let me be friends with him. I’ll even go down to the basement to do it.” She looks at the daughter, smirks, turns back to me and says, “Fine, but I expect you to be here everyday. Just as you were with my daughter.” I nod quickly and return the next day.

The next day I go down into the basement and meet the man. He never had a name, we will call him Andrew. Andrew and I hang out everyday, he is charming and funny. He seems to be opening up to me quite a bit. He always talks to me as if I am the best thing to ever happen to him. So I continue going and spending time with him.

It’s been months. Today, when I walked into the house the mother looked at me as if something bad is to come. “Are you sure you don’t want to bake cookies with me and my daughter today.” I immediately shake my head and say, “Andrew is waiting, but thank you.” I go down into the basement and Andrew runs over to me, giving me a huge hug.

“Andrew, I’m glad to see you as well. How is your day going?” He turns to look at me and says, “It’s going well Deann, but I know what would make it better. If you were mine forever.” I look at him smiling and say, “Well of course I’m yours forever. I’ll be coming here everyday until one of us is gone.” He looks at me and beams a bright smile, grabbing my hand and pulling me further into the basement. He sits down on the couch and pats next to him, asking me to sit with him. I sit down and for the rest of the day we watch TV and chat.

The day goes by and I get up to leave, but Andrew grabs my hand. “Where are you going?” I look back at him, “Home Andrew, but I’ll be back tomorrow.” He growls deep, looks up at me, and says, “You are mine forever. You’re not going anywhere.” He stands up from the couch, grabs my arm, and shoves me into the closet. The door slams and I hear it lock. I’m stuck in this closet.

Breaking Out

It’s been weeks. Andrew brings me food and I get little snippets of the basement life when the door opens. I talk to Andrew through the door everyday. I figure out when he goes upstairs to get a bath, when the mother comes down to give him food, when he goes to sleep, when he does everything. It’s the same routine everyday. I’m just the extra addition to their house.

I’ve been gathering items from the closet, not even really items. They’re little things like parts of the wall that chipped off, some wood from the door I’ve managed to rip off, and a small shard of glass I found in the corner. I’m waiting until Andrew goes upstairs to his bath and then I’m going to break out. I’ve been planning it for a while, but I wanted Andrew and I to be on good terms before I left. Don’t ask me why, I guess in a way I really did care for him.

He’s going up the stairs… The door to the basement just closed… I can hear the footsteps upstairs, they should be there right… now. I make my move. I begin breaking the door with all the little pieces of closet I could find. I’m ramming into it with everything I have left in my body. Until the door finally breaks down. I run up the stairs, fling open the door, and go as fast as I can to the front door.

It’s unlocked! Thank goodness! I run out the door, down the walkway, until I get to the street. There are a ton of people in the road. What’s going on? Must be some kind of block party. I continue running until I hear something. It’s the house, the front door is opening, and the mother speaks, “You really thought it’d be that easy.” She said it so cold that I stopped running in my track. I turn around and there she is with Andrew behind her, looking at me with sad, yet angry eyes. He walks from behind his mother to me in the road, “I told you, you’re mine forever.” The people in the street surround me. They grab both of my arms and walk me, next to Andrew, back up to the house door. Andrew lightly grabs my hand, the people holding my arms drop their hands, and Andrew calmly says, “Let’s go back to the basement.” We begin to walk in the house and I hear the mother speak out from behind me, “Don’t try doing that again. You’re here… forever.”

And that’s when I woke up.

So I know this might not sound like the scariest dream, but while I was dreaming I got to see everything. All of the conversations Andrew and I had. All of the days spent baking cookies. The looks that Andrew gave me that were of fear, sadness, and love all intertwined together. And when he pretty much told me that I was stuck there forever the dream turned dark. I loved this dream, but was honestly so terrified when I woke up in a sweat at 3am. I couldn’t fall back asleep for about an hour. Sweet dreams from WrittenREM.


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