This dream is from two nights ago. Backstory, when I was in high school I did color guard and winter guard. However, being out of high school for now 7 years, there are times when I still wish I had a flag to spin. I miss just being free to create whatever you’d like and tossing the flag in the air. Anyway that is where this dream arose. Used fake names for my “old friends.”



I decided it was finally time. I was going to go to Florida, break into my old high school, and get a flag from the color guard room. Here’s what I didn’t know, the school wasn’t closed. Not only that, but my old friends Joan and Stella were there. These girls despised me. We had a huge falling out when I was in high school and them being there was not helping my case to get a flag.

But i still attempted to get one. I ran through a maze of stairwells, hallways, climbed up ladders, and finally I was there. The color guard room. I went inside, grabbed a flag, and began my descent out of the high school.

Joan and Stella turned into monsters, crawling on the floor on all fours, teeth turning into dagger points, and they were fast. I was trembling as I climbed down the stairs, jumped off of walkways onto the floor below, anything to lessen the time it would take to get out of this school.

Finally, I was out. The only thing I didn’t know, they had called the cops.

On The Run

I got in my car and began to drive north. I had no direction in mind, the goal was complete and now all I needed to do was get away. I drove through Georgia and decided to stop in South Carolina. I went into a local diner to have lunch and take a much needed break from driving. I was enjoying my food, until I saw the news come up:


Murder Suspect

Deann Brower


25 years old

They showed some old facebook picture of myself as reference. I grabbed my pancake off my plate and ran out the door.

I got back on the road and continued heading north. The only thought in my head, looks like I’m going to Canada.


I had made it to Virginia, still on the run, but I’m running out of gas, money, food, and I smell from the lack of shower.

For whatever reason, my mind took me to a mall. I was running through the mall, snatching up a couple pieces of new clothes, grabbed some food, and tried to pickpocket people for money. There were too many security guards though. And the next thing I notice is one following me. I begin running through the mall, trying to find an exit. They shut all elevators and escalators, stairs were the only way to go down. However, as I reached the stairs I noticed they had sprayed some weird foam substance from the top of stair to the ceiling all the way down the flight of stairs.

The only choice I had, to go down the damn stairs. I run down, well slip, and slide until I hit the bottom. Covered in this weird foam, I know I need to get out and cleaned up as quick as possible so no one notices its me.

Finally, I’m out of the mall. I ditched the flag there. I left my car. I stole someones bike outside and I’m peddling in the woods away from it.


I get to the edge of the woods and there is a street, no cars, no houses, looks like a place I can hop onto and keep riding away. While I’m peddling down the road, three people on bikes pop up out of no where. Two are boys, one is a girl. They say they’re here to help me, they know who I am, and can hide me until the cops give up. Whether that’s days, weeks, or years from now. So I take the help.

We twist through the streets on our bikes. Riding with me in the middle so they can be the primary focus, we been peddling for a good hour, when the girl says shes thirsty and wants to stop at a gas station. We stop at one, the girl and one of the guys go inside to get snacks and drinks. The other guy is still on his bike, turns to me and says, “they’re really going inside to call the cops. They’ve been talking about it for about half an hour. Trying to plot how to get you caught for the reward money. If you come with me right now, ditch them two, I will really help you.”

All I do is nod my head and we ride away.


We only rode for about another hour before the boy, whose named happens to be Gabe, turns to me and says, “this is it.”

There is a gigantic Victorian house in front of me. Gabe continues riding around the side of the house towards the back, so I follow. We get to the back side of the house and there is a hill that slants down towards where the basement would usually be. Instead, a little ways under the house there is a room with all glass walls, except for one, which is an actual wall painted in white. He says, “follow me.” We walk underneath the house towards this room. He opens up the glass door, walks inside, and lights a candle. The whole room lights up and all you can see are white decor and bathroom fixtures.

I walk inside, close the door, and turn around to look out. It’s as if the house disguises the fact that there are people in this room because when I turned around to look out the window, there was nothing there, but grass fields and the night sky. No more driveway, no more garden, just this room and the distance. I continue staring out the window while Gabe beings to draw a bath.

“Don’t worry.” I can hear Gabe saying behind me, “No one will find you here. The tub is filling up for you. Please, feel free to get yourself cleaned up.”

I just continued standing there looking out the window. I feel Gabe come up from behind me, put his hands on my hips, and begin to strip me from head to toe. “Deann,” he says as he spins me around to face him. He grabs my hand and begins to lead me to the tub.

We are standing in front of the tub, when he gently picks me up and places me inside the enormous tub. He starts to walk away, but I say, “Gabe, where are you going? I don’t want you to leave the room.” He silently walks back over to the tub, begins to strip himself, and slowly steps into the water.

His hand lightly cups my chin as he asks, “is this okay?” I just slightly nod. He smiles, begins kissing me, then thrusts himself into me. Which is when I woke up.


Sweet dreams from WrittenREM.



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