This dream is from three nights ago. It was a pretty short dream, but it’s still in my head. Figured it’s time to put it up here.

Field House

I was standing in front of a home. Looking at out a vast grass covered land. The hills went on for miles. It seemed like the only thing on this earth was myself, my boyfriend, our house, silo, and dogs. There was nothing else out here, but us and life was grand.


One morning, I hear what sounds like a tornado ripping across the land. I run outside to see what could be causing the noise. The sky was a dark gray, clouds were so thick that the sun was nonexistent, the whole scene was just… dreary. I had an uneasiness in my stomach. I ran towards go tell my boyfriend, Trey, that something just isn’t right.

Before I reach the house an airplane appears from within the clouds. It’s coming down. It’s going to hit the house. I froze, standing what seems to be miles away from the house. Watching the plane come down. Its wing clashes into the silo, the engine causing a fire to start out. But the plane hasn’t stopped moving.

I can’t move. I start shouting, “Trey! Trey! GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! TREY!” The house is quiet. The wind is howling. The plane crashes into the house. No one came out.


I had no luck in finding Trey or the dogs. I’ve given up on the search. I’ve accepted they’re gone. I started to fix up our house, …my house, but at this point I’ve stopped. There is no use. I can’t tend to this place by myself, so I leave. I begin walking for weeks.

Finally, I come across this maze of homes. Connected by walkways 3 stories up, tunnels underneath the homes, it’s a fortress built from scraps of wood, metal, whatever these people could find. They allow me to enter their homes and join their people.

I live there for a while and meet some new friends. That’s when the topic of where I came from arrived. I begin telling them the story about our home on the grass hills. Where no one lived except Trey and myself. I told them of the storm that came from no where and how I lost everything due to a plane crashing into the house.

Their faces dropped with my explanation. I figured it was just because it was a sad story, so I told them, oh no need to worry. I’ve gotten over it now. Moved on. I’m fine.

They looked at me and said, “that’s not the issue. It just heard you. The weather is voice controlled.. you didn’t know.” As a tornado formed over our heads and ripped us into pieces. And that’s when I woke up.

Sweet dreams from WrittenREM.

Photo credit – Mike Robinson;  (I did darken the picture to resemble what I saw in my dream.)


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