This dream is from three nights ago. It was definitely one of the more ‘awesome’ dreams I’ve had lately.



I’m set into a futuristic time, with flying cars, skyscrapers that go beyond the clouds, roads that are ragged and filled with the poor.

It is a dangerous time, but I’m not afraid as I walked down the main street. There are fights happening around me, over little scraps of food and lost money. Many are naked or barely clothed. Teeth are gone and their hair, clumped, hanging down to their shoulders. These people will never end up anywhere in life, except her on the street.

I don’t want that to be me.

The Magnus

As I’m walking down the street, a vehicle begins to descend from the sky. Judging by the black, blue, and white coloring, I know who should be stepping out of that vehicle. A team of Magnus.

They dress in black gear, are stronger than any living man, even though some are as small as twigs. The rumors I’ve heard say they give away their soul, which is separated into the two parts of good and bad, making them insensate. After that, they go on to complete jobs given by the deity. No one in the world is afraid of the deity, but everyone is terrified of the Magnus.

Except me. I’m curious. I want to know what they do. I want to learn more.

The team of Magnus have just stepped out of the vehicle and are beginning to walk away. As they move, minions begin popping out behind them out of thin air. These minions are small, frail human creatures that follow and do the bidding of the Magnus. Many die on the job, but the Magnus, “that’s their job.”

The Job

I don’t even notice until moments later that I’ve been following and watching them as they head towards their job. We end up at one of the many pet stores in the city. The minions begin taunting the shop keeper and opening animal cages for.. whatever reason. The shop keeper is on her knees begging them. I don’t know what about.

As I’m watching, a wind begins to pick up inside of the shop. One of the Magnus has his eyes pinned on her and the wind is swirling around him. I’ve never seen anything like this. The animals are freaking out. I see a baby iguana (side not I have one in real life) and immediately think that I need to start saving these animals. I first pick up the iguana and begin to run through the store trying to find the exit.

The minions begin running with me, scaring me so much that I feel as if I’m squeezing the life out of the iguana. Two minions ahead of me shape shift into large adult iguanas. I stop running and begin tiptoeing around them hoping they don’t attack me. One jumps towards me as I round the cages. It bites the iguana out of my hand, shredding it into pieces.

I stop walking, look at my hand, and realize I’m not going to be able to help the animals. So I just walk back to see what’s happening with the Magnus. I round a different rack of cages and end up running right into a Magnus. He doesn’t even stagger a little when I hit him. He just slowly turns around and looks down at me. His eyes are the brightest blue color I’ve ever seen. They look empty and cold. He’s still staring at me, while I’m shaking immensely wondering what’s about to happen.

He says, “nothing.”

“What?” I blurt out without thinking.

He says, “I see everything that’s going on in your mind. You’re troubled, yet curious. There is a strength inside of you. Why are you here? On Main St.? Your future looks different in my eyes.” His voice sounds like water, his words flowing off his tongue smoother than anything I’ve heard before.

While staring at this Magnus, the other two Magnus of the team walk over to his side. Their eyes are different. One a fierce red color like a fire is raging inside. The others eyes are void of any color, the whole eye part is white. The one with red eyes looks down at me and says, “You’ve met Clint. He can read your mind. He’s told us that you need to come back to the deity. You’re not supposed to be here. Your life is supposed to be,” he looks up a tad, looks back down and continues, “different.”

The Deity

After getting in the Magnus’ vehicle, we flew into the sky and are now at the deity. Inside of the main hall is insane. All of the walls are black with red and violet decor. I know sounds hideous, but in all honesty it was breath taking, beautiful. The deity is striding out from the side room, it’s like he is walking on air. To make it even better, he’s wearing all white.

He walks over to me, his eyes opening wide when he sees me. He touches my forehead and then nods to the Magnus that have brought me here. Mathis, the one with the red eyes, picks me up like I’m as light as a feather and puts me on a chair saying, “don’t move.” I’m terrified, but he continues on to say, “it doesn’t hurt.”

The deity walks over to me and holds a small black rock to my mouth. Mathis says, “open.” I open my mouth, the deity chants some unintelligible words, and out of my mouth flies a black shadow that dives into the rock. Mathis takes the rock from the deity and places it on a black pedestal.  Orlo, the one with the white eyes, walks over to me. He doesn’t say a word, just hands the deity a funnel looking object made of all white. The deity takes the object, bows his head as if he is praying, and then jab the object into my stomach. I feel like a wuss as I gasp and my body shudders. Orlo just puts his hand on my should, as an ‘it’s okay’ notion. Instantly my fear goes away, as I realize there is no pain to be felt. The deity takes the funnel object out of my stomach and places it in a nearby fire. Shockingly, it’s not burning, it just rests with tons of other funnel objects and coals.

Mathis tells me to change. I stand up and begin to ask where I need to go to change. But he just smiles and says, “think about it.” Clint says, “there you go. That’s what you need to do.” And all of a sudden, I’ve changed into Magnus gear.


It’s been years since my initiation into Magnus. Just as the Magnus before myself, I was placed into a team of three including myself. Mosley, another Magnus, has been paired with me from the start. We have had other Magnus come and go as our third in the team, but none have enhanced our performance. The deity is still trying to find the perfect Magnus for my team, since Mosley and myself, well.. we just kick ass as a team of two. We have completed hundreds of jobs, and I can remember every moment. From setting up a camp out in the wilderness to stepping into our Magnus vehicle while chauffeuring the Princess of our land.

“Life has been great as a Magnus, I’ll never go back to Main St.” I tell Mosley as my dream goes to a closeup of the two of us laying on our Magnus blankets. The blankets are as big as a house layout, each of us in the center of the blanket, our names are written in the top left corner. The blankets blend us into the ground beneath us as long as the name matches the Magnus that lays on it. Minions are popping out of thin air again, jumping from tree to tree keeping a watch out. Mosley says, “I agree.” And that’s when I wake up.


Sweet dreams from WrittenREM.


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