Back in 2013/2014 I actually was deployed to a small FOB in Afghanistan. The picture for this dream is actually one I took while I was there. Now, being a vet and out of the military, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I miss it and would love to go back. With that in mind, it’s probably why I had the dream below. The dream features my friend Cassie, who is currently still in the military. One thing I want to make clear, never once did I kill anyone or seen anyone killed in Afg, this dream is just a dream.



Is deafening. The amount of times I’ve heard that saying, never to understand that it is actually true. Out here in Afghanistan, the everyday noises you’re used to cease to exist. All you have is the wind, your feet stepping on rocks and dirt, and the occasional mortar drop.

Right now, the silence doesn’t include mortars because we are lost. We were ambushed last night, members of our force lie among enemies bodies. Cassie and I are the only ones left. We grabbed a good amount of food and water and started walking to allied land.


Of mountains. Of flat valleys. Of dirt roads. Of nothing.

Where are we? We have to be a days trek from our allies. Just keep pushing.


I hear a vehicle coming from behind us. It’s going so fast dirt is kicking up like a bubble around it.

Gunshots. Are they shooting at us?

Cassie and I start running. To the right of us is a cliff, but at the bottom is a small lake. We look at each other and jump.

Splash into the water and come up for air. She looks at me and says, “look, a building let’s go see what it is.” We swim over to dirt beach, stand up and realize it’s an enemy intelligence building. We look back at each other and nod as if we already know what to do.

We head towards the building, alarms begin going off immediately. “Go!” She yells at me. We both storm into the building, me looking for a computer, Cassie scanning the room for enemies. “Clear,” She says and stands behind my back as I begin hacking into the computer. “Got it.” I say, while mapping out coordinates on our hand map. “Let’s go,” she says just as a man rounds the corner.

In near perfect English he asks us are you lost? and begins laughing. Cassie starts laughing with him and then smirks as she walks towards him. He goes to raise a gun at her. She grabs it and pushes it to the side as he fires a round. Taking one hand off, she elbows him in the jaw. He takes one hand off the gun to react to the pain, which she uses to yank the gun out of his hand and throws it to the side. In a matter of seconds she has him on the ground. Her swift, precise attacks crippled him and we are running towards the door.

As if they expected that to happen, guess what was waiting for us outside. Oh, just a helicopter with its gun pointed at the door. I swear, before we even were out of the door Cassie knew what to do. She ran and grabbed a rope nearby, ran and jumped off a nearby parked car, grabbed the railing of the helicopter, and tied the rope to it. While she was doing that, I grabbed the other end of the rope, tied it to the car, and got in the driver seat. Once she was finished she jumped on top of the car. I heard the thud and began to drive.

The helicopter didn’t react fast enough and tilted, it’s blades hitting the side of the intel building, bringing it crashing to the ground. The rope, where attached to the helicopter, burnt off. You clung to the roof as I put the peddle into the floor. We were speeding away, in the rear view mirror I could see other enemy vehicles pulling up to the building.

After a few miles away, I felt it safe enough to stop and let Cassie into the vehicle. Once she sat down in the passenger seat, she turned and looked at me saying, “well that was easy.”
And that’s when I woke up. Sweet dreams from WrittenREM.


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