I had this dream last night. It was a pretty short, but very random dream. It included one of my old best friends whose name is Savannah. I haven’t seen her in years, so not exactly sure why she decided to show up in my dream. Again, just remember this is a dream, so the jail mentioned in here, as far as I know, doesn’t exist in real life.


In Jail

I am walking down a long hallway. Two officers are behind me leading me to the cells. Behind them is my friend Savannah. Behind her, two more officers. The smirk on my face tells me whatever we just did together must have been incredible. Especially since we are in the countries highest security prison.

Here’s the thing, it’s not like you’re thinking. Right now in your head you picture single people, in a single cell, within this large building, and about 300,000 locks keeping you in. This place is different and society doesn’t even know it exists. Imagine walls lined with dog cages. These dogs cages bars are made from extremely thick steel. Now you’ve pictured that, imagine them being spaced out about 2 inches on the sides and 5 feet up and down. Inside of each of the dog cages are humans, their bodies sitting or standing inside the cage with only their heads popped out of the top. For the people that are tall, they’re in longer boxes with more “leg room.” For the people that are fat, they’re in boxes that are a good 5 feet in depth and width. These boxes are made for their people. These boxes are what we consider home for our full sentence.

And we must of really fucked up. Normally the room is filled with a good hundred cages, the one Savannah and I are being placed in only has about 30 cages.

What the hell did we even do? I can’t stop thinking to myself.

I get placed in a cage on the right hand side about 5 cages down. Savannah gets placed on the left side 2 cages down.

At this point, I’m feeling pissed. I’m getting more and more angry seeing Savannah’s face across from me. Was it her fault we are here?

Getting Out

I’m thinking too much. Who cares whose fault it is. Who cares why I’m here. The fact is, I’M HERE. And I need to get out.

Deann, think. How can we get an earlier sentence. Hell what is my sentence. I could be here for days. Months. Years. I want to have my life and not here. I want a real life.

I figure best option I have. Be good. Don’t talk much. Maybe become friends with the guard, do anything I can to get him to trust me, and let me do things around the jail.

That’s what I’m going to do.


It’s been a little while, but my time finally comes.

It was early morning and the head guard walks in. The click of her shoes with every step into the room. She stops directly in front of my cage. “Guess it’s your lucky day,” she says to me, obnoxiously chewing on her gum. She gives me a awkward half smile as she lets me out of my cage.

“Brower, here is what you’re going to do. Listen clearly, I’m only saying this once. Go out the hallway, to the right, third door on the left, showers. Clean clothes are in a clear plastic packaging stacked on the shelves. There is only one other door in that room, it says exit above it. That’s how you leave.” After she finishes talking, she nods, and just walks away from me. Not letting me reply at all.

I make it to the showers, but it’s been so long without one that I get lightheaded in the hot water. I begin to feel lightheaded, my body wanted to fall right where I’m standing. I’m trying to remember what she said to me about clothes. I can’t think straight. I feel like I’m going to fall. I’m stumbling out of the showers. I’m falling.


I’m out, which is what I wanted, but here’s the issue. I didn’t wake up in the shower room. I’m like OUT OUT. Outside. In some random neighborhood. But wait! Let me tell you the best part. I am butt naked, laying on some trashed mattress. Okay, okay, the actual good news is that it’s night time.

I stand up, walk around to get a grip on where I might be, but honestly I have no idea. Maybe someone has clothes hanging up behind their house? I sneak towards two houses and just as I get between them a light inside one of the houses turn on. I immediately hide behind a bush, the branches poking me makes me yelp a little. I see a man walk over to the window and look out, I don’t think he can see me. He moves away from the window and I dart out from the bush. Running to the two connected backyards.

There’s no clothes. Fuck it. I think to myself and begin running behind all of the house searching for clothes.

Finally, I find some. All of the clothing is white. All of them are soft like pajamas. I grab a pair of the pants, they are loose and feel like a pillow. They’re probably the most comfortable things I’ve ever felt. I decide to grab the white tank top. It was loose, but still form fitting to my body and again softest thing you could ever imagine.

The sun began coming up over the horizon. They sky a mix of color. I walk back towards the street and stand in the middle of it. The sun is coming up at the end of it. I take a breath and begin to run towards the sun.


And that’s when I woke up. Sweet dreams from WrittenREM.


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