Unwanted Visitor

Unwanted Visitor

I apologize for the long delay of dreams. I don’t dream every night, sometimes I wish I did because they are lovely things to be told.. if you haven’t seen already. I will be updating this blog with some very old dreams I had in high school when I get the moment. They are currently written in a portfolio I used to keep. I had this dream two nights ago.


Going to Sleep

I couldn’t fall asleep right away. I saw a blue light in my room and I knew NOTHING was in the room that could create that light. But, before I even noticed the light I heard a knock in my house. The dogs didn’t bark and my boyfriend didn’t wake up. So as always, as my psychologist said, ‘you must be creating the things you see and believe that they are real. Even though they’re not.’ I never truly believed him, I really do think the things I see are real. Either way, I heard the knock, saw the blue light by the door of our room. I stared at it for hours. Until finally, I drifted to sleep.

In My House (Where the dream begins)

While yes I was finally asleep, I was still in my house. Sitting in my bedroom is my boyfriend Trey, his best friend Fio, and myself. We are just hanging out and chatting on our bed.

As we are talking we hear a loud BANG. We all get up, grab the guns that are stashed throughout my house, and begin to search the place. We all split up and walk throughout the house. Fio had jut moved in to our spare bedroom and his door is closed, I yell back to him asking if it’s okay I search his room. Since I’m the first person to get to this side of the house. Fio says it’s fine and immediately, the lights go out. The whole house is pitch black, you can no longer hear the fish tank filters running, it’s dead silent. Until I hear Fio and Trey’s footsteps come up behind me. ‘What did you do?’ They look at me waiting for a response. ‘I didn’t do anything, I just reached my hang to the door knob.’

I push open Fio’s bedroom door, but there isn’t anything in there.

Trey and Fio are looking in behind me. ‘There’s a man standing there… do you see him?’ Trey asks and I walk into the room wondering what he’s talking about. ‘Deann! What are you doing! He’s right there!’

I turn back around to Trey and go, ‘Where!’ I’m not seeing what he’s seeing and it’s driving me crazy that he’s getting an attitude with me.

The Visitor

Trey points next to me, ‘he’s right there!’ I turn slightly to see a black, see-through figure of a man standing next to me. I can’t see any features, but his outline tells me where his arms, legs, and head is. I instantly raise my gun and FIRE.

The mans still standing. Oh god what I have I done, I wonder as I continue staring at this figure. The figure raising his arm and slams the gun out of my hand. I’m still standing in shock, my bullet went right through him, there’s no blood on the floor, no hole in his body, but I just got my weapon slapped out of my hands by this…

He darts through my body… blood, skin, muscles, being torn and flung around the room. He continues dodging back and forth, in and out of my. The room must be plastered with blood, pieces of me, splattered on the walls and floor. I could hear Trey yelling to me.


But I wake up, drenched in sweat, shaking, heavy breathing, Trey wakes up next to me and grabs me to calm me down, while the bedroom is dark black and the blue light is gone. Sweet dreams from WrittenREM.


The Woman and Her Violin

The Woman and Her Violin

A little back story, my mother passed away about 2 years ago from lung cancer. But, I don’t want your sympathy, do not tell me you’re sorry. Here’s the thing my mother and I did not get along most of my life and were just refueling our relationship a couple months before she passed away because it the was the ONLY time she stopped using drugs and drinking alcohol and was the ONLY time she was truly herself. So the reason I tell you this, is because two nights ago, my mother Delores (Dee) was in my dream. And it was definitely a weird one. This dream also includes one of my best friends, but because I did not ask her to put her name on here, we are going to call her Paula.


Just Visiting

It’s been years since I’ve seen my mom, Dee, but she called me to state she has some great news and that I should come to visit. I’m not too excited about it, but my head tells me, you need to do this… it’s your mom. That’s the only reason why I’d do it in the first place, so I pack a backpack, I don’t expect to stay long. I head out a few hours later and I’m at my moms apartment complex.

The apartment complex is a huge circular skyscraper that is hollow in the middle. So the only places to stay are in the ring on the outside. I somehow fly up to my moms window, knock and she opens it to reveal a very, and I mean ‘most gorgeous guy in the world’, gorgeous man standing in the apartment with her. She welcomes me in and states that this hunk of a man is her BOYFRIEND and she was excited to share with me that they’re together and they’ve moved in together now. That this was their new apartment.

Now I’m not trying to be mean by my mom was 43 years old and years of drug and alcohol is projected across her skin, teeth, and hair. How in the world did she get this hunk of a man? He really looks like he’s my age, somewhere in his mid-late 20s. And my only thought is, he needs to be mine.

Days go by, I didn’t even bring enough clothes so I’m left to go to the store and buy new clothes almost everyday. I’m trying to do the things he does and talk to him every chance I get. My mom is never around, she’s always working so it seems like he doesn’t mind hanging out with me. He smiles all the time when we are out and about. I even take it one step further and invite him to the gym so he can see my in my sports bra and shorts, because wouldn’t any man want to see me in that? It’s the only thing I can think as I’m lifting weights, running around the track, doing pull-ups and dips. He’s not noticing me, he’s talking to some other gentleman at the gym. It looks like they’re talking about me, he shakes his head ‘no’, laughs and then makes some sort of explanation it seems.

I guess I’m not swaying him like I thought I was. I got done with my workout, left and went up a few floors to my moms apartment. I open the window door and head inside to grab my stuff. Immediately after opening the window door I see my mom, she starts screaming at me, you are pathetic if you don’t think I realize what you’re doing. He’s my man and he hasn’t been swayed once by your seduction. He loves me, he’s not going to stop loving me for you, and you need to get over it. This was supposed to be a happy time for me and you are ruining it, you should just leave. And don’t ever come back.

I don’t even say a word to her, I just continue packing my stuff. She leaves the apartment and I look around to notice it’s empty. Where did all of her stuff go? Is she moving so I can’t find her? I’m walking through the rooms, nothing, nothing, and more nothing. She’s leaving the apartment to move somewhere else… I run to the window door and look down to see her getting in a car with her boyfriend. Something else I notice is that the apartment building is on fire from below and is almost to me, I need to get out of this building now if I want to survive. I grab my belongings, run and jump to the closest building to me, and climb down.

I finally reach the ground, my mom and her boyfriend are way out of sight, and at this point I just want to go home.

Changing Directions

I get back home and I’m angry. My life is going no where I want it to go and I need to make a change. I call up my best friend Paula and invite her to come to my house. She ends up coming over and I tell her that I think I’m going to re-enlist in the United States Air Force. Getting out wasn’t all it’s worked up to be and I need to make a change in my life, I know if I re-enlist it’ll bring that change I’m looking for. She tries to talk me out of it, she’s still in and knows how things are going in the service. I still go for it and all she says is that it’s my choice, whatever makes you happy. 

I get finished filling out the paperwork and I’m waiting for appointments to get my physical complete. I look at Paula and say, let’s celebrate. 

The Woman and Her Violin

We are walking around the neighborhood playing pokemon go and find an abandoned house. The house in two stories, has a huge deck off the second floor that has no support from below. The deck has railings around it made from wood, and sprouting off the top of the railing in random directions are pieces of wood. The are not connected to anything, there is really no purpose for them at all. I look at Paula and tell her, this is the place. Lets call up our friends.

We call them up and are waiting on the deck of the house. We are sitting against the sliding glass door when about 20 of our friends just appear at the house. Some are hanging on those random wooden posts, some are standing or sitting on the deck, and others are sitting up against the house like we are… not trusting this deck. We are all slamming back drinks, enjoying the celebration, but i’m getting exhausted and I want to go home. I tell Paula that I think it’s time to leave, she agrees, we stand up, and everyone disappears from the deck. We didn’t even act like it phased us, or noticed that they were just gone. We go back in the house, go down the stairs and head out a gliding door on the first floor. Paula closes the door and when I look back to watch her walk up to me, I notice there is a woman standing inside the house behind the glass door.

Immediately I get an uneasy feeling, I look at Paula and tell her that we need to leave NOW. She turns to see the woman in the house, looks back at me, and we start walking down the street to the right. As we are walking, the woman comes out of her house, begins playing a violin that has no music coming from it, and walks behind us. We start to walk faster now that we see her following us, but Paula keeps falling on something. We are looking around after I help her up, but don’t see anything she could of fallen on. We continue walking down the road and Paula continues to keep falling. I’m getting aggravated that she keeps falling from nothing, but realize it’s not her fault. The street keeps repeating itself, we aren’t walking forward, we are just continually walking in the same place.

I look at Paula and tell her we need to turn and go through the trail in the woods. I think I know where it comes out at and we can make it out if we go now. She agrees with my decision and we run towards the trail. We are going down it for quite a while when I turn and see a street I know, come on, this way. We leave the trail and make it onto the street. We begin walking down the street to my house and at this point are completely exhausted from the partying and now walking.

But we have no time to take a break, the woman with her violin have rounded a street corner, this time shes on top of a cab of a red, raggedy truck. I have no idea how she is staying on top when she’s not strapped down at all and the truck is speeding up to us. We begin running away towards my house, just hoping we can make it there before she makes it to us.

Then Paula stops running. She sees a van on the street heading towards us at a creeping speed. She turns to me and says, I know them. Lets wait here, they’ll come pick us up and then we will be fine. I look back at her and tell her, no lets keep moving. Your friends are driving really slow and that woman is almost to us. If we keep standing here shes going to catch up to us. Paula insists that we just stay her and wait for the van. I knew it wasn’t the right choice, but she’s my best friend and I’m not going to leave her there by herself. So we wait.

As we are waiting the red truck reaches us. It comes to a stop and you can hear the engine running, but there isn’t anyone inside it to drive. We look up at the top of the cab, the woman is no longer there. The door to the truck opens on its own and from behind we hear, come in, it’ll be fun. We turn around to see the woman and her violin, still playing with no music coming out of it.

Then I woke up. Sweet dreams from WrittenREM.



Alright, no lie, I loved this dream. I wish you all could see into my mind because the colors and scenes I saw were just incredible. This was my dream two nights ago, just didn’t have time to write it up yesterday!



I’m standing on blackness. Above my head is beige. Surrounding me are clouds of black, blue, green, yellow, red, flowing, they are moving so gracefully. I look forward and see a man about 8 feet tall, muscular, cover in robes and armor, a beard down to his chest, and white eyes. There is no one else up here, but me and him. I walk forward and stand about three feet from him.

Deann, I know you, but you do not know me. Women do not get to choose, I choose from what I know about you. But please, talk with me for a little bit.

I look at him with a questionable look on my face, choose what? How do you know me already? I just got here.

I know everyone that steps foot in my choosing hall. The moment your feet hit my floor I see your life. I see you. Women do not get to choose, I choose.

I’m still unsure what you mean, what are you choosing?

He puts his hand up to his heart and a white orb emerges from his robes. The white is swimming around like little fish in the orb. This is you, from what I see, from what I know. And you are blue. The orb changes to blue in the instant he says the word.

I don’t understand where you’re going with this.. He smiles says, don’t worry, and shoves the blue orb into my chest.

I didn’t feel anything, but I’m left standing there with my arm trying to block him from my chest after the orb transfer was already complete. What.. what did you just do?


There are three clans in the world below. Each and every person that gets placed in the world needs to be in a clan before entering… He continues talking about the clan descriptions.

The blue clan is known for being like water. Elegant, but unpredictable. They can jump up onto building tops if they’re standing next to the wall, just like if water were to hit it, the water would go up. No one can every predict which way the blue clan will flow, but they mainly like to stay in one place. They are very wise and do not like to fight.

The red clan is known for bring like fire. Quick spreading, and uncontrollable. They are fast runners, especially if the wind is blowing. They don’t like to stay in one place for long, they are constant migrants across the world and you do not want to stand in their way. They are a fighting clan and known to destroy cities.

The yellow clan is known for being the eldest clan. It was the first clan to settle in the world. For centuries they provided the world with it’s needed nutrients, but they grew tired of the same old days so they created the red and blue clans. The yellow clan is rarely seen, they live below ground in secret areas, and are NOT to be disturbed. If they feel it to be necessary, they will come up from the ground and deal with the issues at hand. They are the true force to be reckoned with.

You can be chosen to be a part of any of the three clans. It all depends on you.

Men of the World

You are ready to go to the world. He says and points to my right. I look in the direction he’s pointing and say, wait, what about the men? You say women do not get to choose, but what about the men?

He says, I knew I made the right choice picking blue clan for you. You’re so inquisitive. Step over to the clouds over here by me, it’ll blend you in and no one will notice you’re there. There’s a man coming now. I can sense it, you’ll get to see for yourself.

I go over to this giant man and I’ve blended in with the clouds. A man enters the end of the hall. He slowly walks up to the giant man.

The Chosen Guardian, I believe I have made my decision.

Herrick, you’ve stepped before me once, and now you are here again. I see your life. I see you. And now you believe to have chosen. I have made my choice long ago and you know the full consequence if you choose differently?

All Herrick says is, yes Guardian. The Chosen Guardian, which I did not realize he had a name, puts his hand up to his heart and another white orb appears from his robe. With two hands under the orb, he holds it out to Herrick. With this orb you may have life or you may have death, but it’s all up to you. What clan have you chosen?

Herrick’s hands are shaking as he raises them and places them on the orb, Chosen Guardian, I believe I am to be… red clan. The clouds begin to thunder, the ground shaking beneath our feet, the orb turns a deep dark red, and The Chosen Guardian shoves the red orb into the mans chest.

You’ve made the correct choice Herrick. I’ve seen red in you the first time I saw you and I still see red in you now. You may enter the world, he points to Herrick’s right. Herrick turns to face the same direction and begins walking until he disappears.

Now that you have seen what happens, Deann, do you have any last questions?

The only question that won’t leave my head, what happens if they choose the wrong clan? He looks at me with stern eyes, the moment the colored orb enters his body, it’ll reject the bond and will explode in his chest. He will not survive, he will not walk this world. The bond is correct if he is still standing the moment I insert it into his chest. Now, there is someone coming, it is time for you to go into the world. Leave.

Yes, Guardian, thank you. I turn to my right and walk until I see a white flash and now I’m here.

The World

I’m falling from the sky, below me I can see the blue clan to the East and the red clan to the West. Very close. I didn’t think they’d be that close to each other. I land on the ground and turn to head East. I walk past a few buildings and in the reflection I see just how much I’ve changed. My clothing is now blue, my hair is blue, my skin is a pale blueish-white. I’m standing their, just looking at myself, I’ve never seen myself like this before and I’m a little taken aback. Hey! What’re you doing here? I look to my left and see a woman head to toe dressed in red. She starts walking towards me, I swear she was just 20 feet away and it took two seconds for her to walk up to me. I’m guessing you didn’t hear me? What’re you doing here? Blue clan is the way, pointing to the East, you’re in red territory. You might want to get moving. I just look at her, flabbergasted, and continue walking East. I hear her scoff behind me and walk away. I didn’t know that would of been so offending, I was leaving?

I finally catch up to someone from the blue clan. His name is Jonathan, he’s been in the world for 7 years, so to them he’s still new. He let’s me know that the red and blue clans have been in a war for years now. The both have very strong powers, blue knowing everything and everything red can throw at them, and red being strong and quick could defeat them in a second. However, their strengths and combated by weaknesses that they can’t get around. Blue can sense what red is going to do before it happens, so they can defend or leave that area before they can get a chance to hit them. Red is quick though, so if they notice blue clan isn’t where they were last, they spread out and usually can catch up quick. But it just goes back and forth, everyone moves around in circles avoiding and chasing each other. Both clans are getting tired of this merry-go-round and want to settle things. And this year is supposed to be the year of peace.

Weeks have gone by, I’ve learned quite a bit by talking with other members of my clan. They have this ‘ultimate plan’ that once and for all will defeat the red clan. It reminds me of what The Chosen Guardian stated. If they feel it necessary, the yellow elders will atop the ground, show their faces, and rid the world of its issues. I just don’t know if that means wipe the world of the clans and their people completely. Or what?

I walk to a building that is located at the line of the red and blue clans territories, jump up, and land on top of the building. Squatting on the top I can see the red clan creating weapons, equipment that can make them jump high since they know we can already do that, and a new machine. The machine makes them glide in the air. Each person can have their own gliding machine if they build enough. We do not have any way of doing that in the blue clan. I begin to get worried that someone from the red team on a gliding machine may see me. I stand up, walk to the edge of the building, look down at the ground, but once more look up towards the red clans territory. And there is a man standing in front of me…

He’s on one of the gliding machines and he’s just looking at me. I can tell his questioning what I’m doing without asking. I’m just leaving now, I didn’t mean to bother you, I just needed a place to think for a moment. Without the other thousands of wise brains back in my clan. He tries to hide back a smirk by looking at the ground, straightens out his face once again and looks at me, no need for an explanation, this is unclaimed territory. I just wanted to look at you. I’ve never seen a blue clan member in person. I blush because DUH, I’m supposed to be the wise all knowing person, but here I am like HEY BOY, I DUNNO, I NOT BOTHER YOU. Ugh. I jump down from the building and land gracefully on the ground. I hear a whistle from above me, it’s the red clan man. Can I see you jump up? I’ve never seen it before. I look up at him and say, maybe tomorrow. He tries to hide his smirk again and glides away.

I go back to the blue territory, but before I reach it that women dressed in red I saw on my first day comes out of the woods and yells, HEY! STOP! I stop dead in my tracks and turn to face her. I don’t know what you’re planning spy, but I saw you watching my clan. It’s unclaimed territory, forbidden by the yellow clan, but just know that I see you. I’ll be watching for you.

I don’t say anything and continue walking into blue territory. Inside blue territory, I look back and see the lady in red shake her head and walk back into the woods.

Months go by, the red man and I continue to meet at the building almost everyday. He looks at the blue clan, while I watch the red. We didn’t talk much when we first met, but now we talk quite a bit. What do we do everyday, our skills, who our leaders are. Finally we talk about the war, why we think it’s happening, and what we can do about it.

One night in blue clan, an elder blue clan member makes the announcement, tomorrow is the day we have all been anticipating. Through our wisdom we will succeed. He walks away and the blue clan begins separating without a word. I instantly run to my spot in the unclaimed territory.

The red man is already there, yours too? He says immediately after I jump up onto the building. Reds clan has made the announcement. Blue clan has made the announcement and now it’s time for


At the break of dawn the clans are up and prepping. Everyone gather their gear and begins moving towards the unclaimed territory. Blue clan begins throwing bombs with little magical creatures at the red clan, red clan throws powerful grenades back. The red clan is moving swiftly around attack members of the blue clan, blue clan anticipates all moves before red makes them.

Everyone is attacking each other, I just walk to my building. Stand at the East wall of the building, I jump up, and sit down. The commotion is flying, jumping, and running around me. But I’m just sitting still watching the red side, waiting.

Just like I anticipated, the red man is here. He’s gliding in front of me on his machine. And I’m just sitting there looking down at my hands. Picturing The Chosen Guardian handing a man their orb. The red man steps off his machine, walks over to me squats down, and puts his hands hovering above mine, as if he were choosing his orb. A huge wind sweeps from West to East and everyone around us freezes. An orb pops up in between our hands. Red coloring is inside the orb on the top, blue is swimming around in the bottom. I haven’t even glanced at the red man, but I know he’s looking at me. I look up at him, his red eyes meet my blue, and the orb flashes a bright white then turns to yellow. We both move our hands apart from the orb, but the orb stays floating. In a circle around us yellow men and women appear.

A red man and a blue woman. Moments of peace counting back within months, we’ve seen the moments, the days, the months, we know your lives, we know you. These are the first moments of peace we have seen in years. We were expecting you. Meshing of the clans have never been done before, but we can sense something new. Outside this world, aliens call it love. Here in this world we have no word for this feeling. Clans do not experience this.. love, it’s destructive and causes more pain than love itself. If we allow you two to mesh, you will be expected to stop this war and bring peace. If you succeed you will survive and you can both live here in this unclaimed territory to rule the clans, but if you fail you shall know your consequences. 

I look at them all, they are talking in unison, a beautiful harmony of words. Wait, please don’t say the consequence. I know of what it will be. I don’t want the thought of death as a possibility lingering inside my mind as we try to mesh. Thank you for this opportunity Elders. We will succeed, as long as the red man accepts the proposal. 

The red man looks at me, smirks and says, let’s mesh, become one, and fulfill the destiny, which ever it may be, of the Elders. 

The orb shatters and instantly the Elders are gone and the clans are back to fighting. He grabs my hands, lifts me off the roof and we both step onto the gliding machine. It turns purple, we both look at each other and smile.

That’s when I woke up. Sweet dreams from WrittenREM.

More Games?

More Games?

It seems like my dreams these past couple weeks have just been games, games and more games. Two nights ago I had a dream that was the beginning stages of a game. It reminded me again, of hunger games. Get on a train, it turns from summer to winter during the train ride. Get to this random building. Get pulled into ‘homes’ with two other girls. Game show literally got started, I went through a few phases and them boom. I woke up. So while it was still my normal crazy, vivid dream, I didn’t finish it. So I couldn’t put it on here.

BUT. Then last nights dream happened. It’s another ‘game like’ dream, but not a game SHOW. It’s more like an actual video game. So here we go.



I’m standing in line, there’s about 30 people in front of me and about 10 standing behind. Across the room I can see my boyfriend standing outside of the line, waving goodbye. I’m not exactly sure what I’m about to go through, but the feeling is an I have no choice, I need to do this.

After a few moments I get to the podium, there is a sign-in station where we get put into groups. The groups are colored based and i’m blue. I continue walking towards the door and get stopped by the security guard. This is your last chance, if you do not want to continue go to the right around the queue and don’t come back, if you are continuing press forward through the door. I take a breath, look back at my man, whose smile fades while he slowly puts his hand down from a wave, and continue walking through the door.


Inside the door is the staging area. Red, blue, green, and yellow. Four squares, lots of people, behind us clothing of the same team color. We all start changing into our colors and someone wearing all black walks in the room.

Good morning recruits. Some of you have came here with no life behind you, some with all that the world can give. But! This world is in desperate time and desperate measures. We needed you and now here you are. We are in grave danger, many enemies lie ahead. There are multiple safe houses for you and your team to stay in, food depots, clothing depots, armor and weapon depots, anything you request you will be given. Stay safe, try to stay alive.

That was a female speaking, could barely see her face under all her clothing and gear. She goes to turn around to leave the room, but stops and says, one more thing. Red team, you were given red because we believe you are strong and have great leadership qualities. So each one of you needs to go to the three other groups and pick one person from each to be on your team.

I won’t lie, it’s a little upsetting to hear that I don’t have leadership qualities, but then I wonder what they see in me.


I think I’ve figured it out. It’s been a few months and I have been watching green and yellow to determine what they are good at. And of course I’ve been focusing on my own good qualities to see what I do best.

Green is like a mechanic/gun guy/bomb maker/innovator/just crazy invention guy. That’s really the best way I can explain it. He thinks of the most random things, at the most random times, but then he builds them and they work perfectly. Like a backpack ammo holder. The ammo in the inside gets wound up inside plastic tubing, like a snail shell looks, so it doesn’t get stuck and moves perfectly from the backpack to the weapon. It allows us to carry more ammo at a time and no need to reload. He also thought of lights that helped us, but not our enemies. It’s a subtle light that when you’re far away (as a human) you can barely notice it so you know what direction to go into, but when you stand next to it, it lights up the world around you for miles. For our enemies, well, they can’t even see it. In the easiest way I could put it, I swear we got the best green team member around.

Yellow. Ohh yellow. This girl, best way to put it, she’s a hippie. But so much more too. She can track food from anywhere. I don’t know if she can smell it or if she knows the environment so well that she would know where delicious berries are or a live deer is roaming. On top of all that she can make clothing out of anything. Our leader, Red, was getting tired of the cotton rubbing on his skin under the armor, so Yellow came up with a way to have a cloth that won’t rub. She’s a genius.

Blue. I’m blue. It took me a while, but I figured out what I’m good at. Sometimes I don’t like it, but we are out here for one reason. And my skill is the only reason our team succeeds. Our mission is to find our enemies and kill them. Squash their whole nest and family. My skill, not only am I the best navigator, but I can smell out enemies, I know where they are hiding, I sense what the creature looks like, and I know how we will approach to make our kill. I’m a hunter, find, navigate, and kill.

The “Game”

We come across our first safe house and inside is a bar. A full functioning bar. Yellow doesn’t want any, Red wants a shot, Green takes a dark beer, and I just sit and think. Red and Green have said multiple times that I need to lighten up, take a drink, that when darkness falls we will be heading out. That it’s not the time to be walled up. They’re right, but just for a few more minutes I want to think about the life I just left and say sorry for leaving them all behind. Vodka, do you have that? The bartender swings around and makes my drink.

I don’t remember how much I drank, I don’t remember walking up to the second floor, finding an empty bed, and crashing with all my gear on. An hour goes by and I’m awake. I smell something. I run over to the window and Red sits up from his bed, Blue? Blue what time is it, what’s going on? I open the window a crack, SHH! I take in a deep breath of air from outside. Two miles, East, get your gear, it’s time to hunt. Green grunts, Yellow yawns, and I swear Red was born ready to go. We begin walking down the street headed East towards the creatures. Our first hunt, we have no idea what to expect.

We walk about a mile and a half or so, I take another deep breath in, stop. They’re tall, very tall, we need to get to higher ground or maybe a tall building. They could crush us with one stomp. Red points to two separate buildings, Green and Yellow to the right, Red and I to the left. We go to the top of our building and a little bit further into the city, we see them. Huge, yellow, skeleton thin like T-rex walking around. Their claws are the size of my body, drool is dripping around their teeth, the ground is vibrating with their steps. Red does movements to let us know how long until we should fire.

Now! He motions and we begin shooting. The bullets are reflecting off of their bones. I motion, EYES! If their skin is that tough because it’s really just bones their eyes should be the best place to shoot. Green takes his innovative bow and arrow and shoots two arrows, WHAP, WHAP, one into each eye. The first T-rex goes down. Two more to go.

They are killed quick. Green and Yellow meet back up at the base of the buildings with us. Green states, man that must be the easy thing I’ve ever had to do. Wonder how much harder it’ll get. I joke, level 1. Complete.

We bust through three more levels. One with giant bright purple rhino like creatures that shot fire from their horns. The next with green eel like creatures, fancy right. Yeah they were like 10 feet long and about 5 feet wide… Electric eels… Not fun. The last one we completed had red bug like creatures with bird wings AND yellow gigantic bees. It’s getting tougher and we are getting tired.

Safe House?

We finally find another safe house, or so we thought. We have a couple drinks, get our equipment to the repair shop, and go to bed almost immediately. Our team has the nickname Pack because we are like a tight family that sticks together and hunts together. We know each others annoyances and likes. And we knew we were all getting a little irritable, so we needed this safe house.

I went to bed pretty early, I didn’t know how exhausting navigating and searching for our enemies would be. About 2 hours into my slumber, Yellow comes running up to the bed and begins shaking me, BLUE! BLUE! They took Green! I think they drugged him! He was asleep and somehow they picked him up. They just drove off in a white car, we need to get him! I ask where Red is and she said he’s downstairs waiting for us. I quickly put on my gear, run downstairs with yellow and red has the bartender at gun point. Who took Pack Green? ANSWER ME! I’m going to give you one last shot, who took Pack Green? The bartender laughs and says, Hey Blue, welcome to the party have fun hunting your own friend. BANG, Red shoots. The bartenders brain bits splattered against the wall, blood is everywhere. I’ve never seen a human die, but it’s my first.

At the first smell of his blood, I learn tracking human is just as easy as tracking creatures. Without this bartender getting killed, I wouldn’t have known how to do it. I look at the dead bartender at the ground and say, it’ll be easy to hunt Pack Green. Now that you’re dead. Red laughs, Yellow does a slight heh (she isn’t fond of death or death jokes), and I look back at the rest of the teams in the room. Who knows anything about this safe house? Or did y’all just get here like Pack? All the Red leaders stand and one at a time goes, Team Grunt, first night. Team Remedy, first night. Team Olympian, first night. Last team Red states, Team Guardian, second day, no issues from safe house, only suspicions were bartender. Did not see anyone communicate with him. Hope you find Pack Green. Pack Red thanks Guardian Red and I start hunting.

 The car is still on the move, but I’m tracking. We find a vehicle and start racing towards the white car. We are pretty close by when I say to Red, something’s not right. We need to get separate vehicles. I’m sensing multiple enemies fast approach from the front. Red stops driving, we steal two other vehicles, and Red says to Yellow, Yellow, you can do this. I know you do not like this game we are playing, but you can do this or you wouldn’t be here. We need to find Green. She doesn’t say anything, she just nods and gets in her car. Red and I look at each other with shock wondering what just happened. We get into our separate vehicles and all of us roll out.

We are within four miles of Green. I can smell it and signal it out the window. Right after I signal, a fire bomb from a flying creature comes down and smashes into the back of Yellow’s car. She tries to swerve from it, but ends up taking her car off the side of the road down a hill and into the woods. My only thought is that I hope she survived. Red signals for him and I to keep moving.

We are now within a mile of Green. His scent is strong, my foot is slammed onto the gas pedal trying to get this car to go as fast as possible.

Half a mile away and there is blood smeared on the ground. So much blood. All lanes of traffic are covered in blood and there are hundreds of cars burning on and off the road. I can see the sea of color from teams burned and bloodied on the ground. Red and I are forced to get out of the cars. We team back up and Red says to me, find Green. Don’t worry about me and I won’t worry about you. Pack? I say, Pack. And move out.

I continue running straight, but before we left out I told Red his best chance would be to run through the forest so he doesn’t get caught and still may have a chance depending on what’s ahead. He for whatever reasons listens. What I didn’t tell him is that he needs to be hidden in the forest because there are hundreds of creatures up here. It’s like a hub for creatures. And there is no way I’m going to make it out. Green’s scent is here, but only because he is dead, just like the bartender is. I began smelling Yellow’s scent about two miles ago. She’s dead. Red is strong and I know he can make it without us, but I’m tired of living and hunting. I’m exhausted from the smell of death and creatures. The scents are overwhelming and my brain never stops thinking. I’m driving myself insane.

I continue walking. I’m on the outskirts of a city, there are hundreds of creatures around. I can smell them all and now I can see them all. And I continue walking. Before I reach the city an enormous gray dragon comes down from the sky and makes a pass behind me. I continue walking, somehow it didn’t even phase me. The dragon loops around the sky again and lands in front of me. This time is speaks and says, Pack Blue, you’ve killed my kind. My brothers, sisters, cousins. My family. It is time for you now to die. The dragon opens his mouth wide and flies at me fast.

And that’s when I woke up. Sweet dreams from WrittenREM.

(SIDE NOTE- Growing up I’ve always been a halo fan. If you’ve ever played the video game, imagine similarities to that and my dream, but not the aliens. The creatures in my dream are so indescribable and would take pages for you to see what I saw in depth. The true similarity comes with how the game played out in my head. You’re in one world/area and the next scene is completely different. Of course, it’d be another long type out and read, so I make it flow easier for all of you.)

Sex Games

Sex Games

This is a dream I had about two weeks ago. It involves an old coworker of mine, we will name him Billy. The actual university mentioned later on in this dream wasn’t Florida State, but in my dream it sounded like, BrrbrrbrrrrRRR. And I didn’t think having the school named that on here would flow too great. It was just a weird mumbled word. All I can say about the dream is, well then…


The Choosing Ceremony

I’m facing a line of men. I can’t see where it begins, I can’t see where it ends. I’m in the line full of women. Over the intercom you hear, Jill, go pick your man. A few seconds go by, Jill picked George. Tasha, go pick your man. I’m watching Tasha, who was standing to the right of me, walk up to the line of men and as fast as she can, pick one out. Tasha picked Billy. 

Billy? I didn’t know he was here. I didn’t see him… Billy should of been my pick. I don’t see anyone else I know here. There are fifty men that I can see from where I’m standing and somehow I missed Billy.

Deann, go pick your man. I run over to Billy and choose a guy named Esteban who was standing to his right. Deann picked Esteban.

Looking at Billy I whisper, I didn’t know you were going to be here. You should of been my partner. It’d be the only way we could win. Billy smiles and says, we will figure it out. Trust me.

Trust me? He must be crazy… One of us will die before it reaches that point.

The Glass Skyscraper

All of the pairs are lined up and marched to a tall glass skyscraper. You can’t even see where the building stops. The line stops when the first party comes upon the door. The intercom comes over again, floor 1, room 1. The line moves forward a foot. Floor 1, room 2… Floor 1, room 3… Floor 1, room 4…  This continues going for an hour before they reach Esteban and I. Floor 57, room 5. Billy and Tasha step up, Floor 57, room 6. Room 6, only a wall away.

The Game

Esteban and I enter floor 57, room 5 and the only thing that greets us is a bed and a TV. The automatic door closes behind us and the TV immediately flips on, WELCOME scrolls across the screen.

For the next… however long… you will be tested mentally, physically, and spiritually with your partner. You shall pleasure each other like you never have pleasured anyone before… Because if you fail, you will be killed. Just remember to smile and, of course, put on a good show for your viewers.

The TV flicks off, I look at Esteban and start scanning the room. I can’t find a single camera in the room and wonder how they will be viewing us. On the bed there is a guideline sheet.

  • You can visit other couples.
  • You can visit different floors.
  • You can leave the building, but must return before curfew. Since that is the most watched time of the day.
  • You are only allowed to have sex with your partner.
  • You are not allowed to make any type of sexual reference or statement outside of your room.
  • No other competitors are allowed to know what your room is for. After all, that’d ruin our viewers entertainment.
  • Good luck and enjoy the sex games!

Sex games? Another intercom in our room begins speaking, Let the games begin!

Hundreds Gone

It’s been months and hundreds have been killed. Anytime someone gets killed the intercoms come on and says, red, floor, whatever floor they were on, room, whatever room. It’s disheartening. Esteban and I have been doing good, but Billy and I… well… we’ve been doing great.

After about two weeks in, I snuck a note to Billy.

Billy, it’s just a game… it’s sex for everyone… trust me…?

And after that, it began. We would all be in the courtyard, I’d give Billy the look like, they don’t even have a clue we are meeting.  And even though he didn’t, you could tell he wanted to smile.

Billy and I met around 7pm every night before curfew. There was an eroded building that hadn’t been touched in years hidden in the city a couple of miles from the skyscraper. Every single day we would go. Every single day we’d make love or just have sex. And not once did we think we’d get


It’s Tasha, she’s standing in the corner where wall no longer exists. So this is where you’ve been going! She yells. I really thought we were going to win, but now seeing this… It was never your intention to win. At least not with me. I stand up and look at her, you have no idea what you’re talking abo… She interrupts, HAH! Me? I have.. She’s laughing to hard to even speak, I have all the know in the world to see what’s going on here.

As she’s talking I see Esteban walking down the street. She notices I’m not paying attention to her and goes to turn around to see what I’m looking at. Before she has a chance, I grab a rock from the ground and bash it into her skull multiple times until she’s no longer breathing. I started crying, dropped the rock, and looked at Billy, what are we going to do?

On the Run

Billy had grabbed my arm and we took off through the city. We found different places to hide for the first two nights to get some sleep, stole clothes off of peoples porches, and ate whatever we could get our hands on. One morning we woke up and we could hear a TV in someones home, Billy and Deann still on the loose… Our people have gone out to find them.

We immediately get back moving. Got to get as far away from the skyscraper as possible. It is around noon when Billy throws me into a bush and jumps in with me. Shh, he covers my mouth before I get a word out. At that time, ten little kids on bikes ride past pointing at the direction we would of continued in. After they are gone I look at Billy, kids? They’re using kids. Not just ten either, hundreds. We are ducking in and out of bushes, homes, anywhere we can hide to not be seen by these kids. We even started running into offices where people were working during broad daylight just to escape these kids. You could hear the gasps of the people that worked there, our yelled out names turning into faded words as we keep running.

Until I get caught, again. Billy is gone, he told me he’d be right back, but he hasn’t came back. And a little boy has found me.

I have no idea how, but I reason with him and he gives me his bike. The only words I remember him saying is, I know how you feel, I want to be free too. I hop on the bike and get moving. About two miles away I see Billy running towards me. I stop and he goes to question me about the bike, but says, nevermind.. I know where we are. I know a safe place we can go. It’s just a little further. 

The Four Colleges City

You know how cities are normally just a “one college” city. Well not this one. There are four completely different colleges here. And Billy says if we can make it to the fourth part of the city, Florida State, he has someone there that can help us. He said the whole Florida State section are his friends. So, I trust him.

We make it through the first two like a charm. It was eerily empty, so we just slowly rode through. When we got to the third part of the city it was a completely different story. Apparently it was party time. All of the students are there, drunk and partying in the streets.

Someone grabbed our bike off of us and now we are on foot. We have nearly made it through the whole part when a group of four men standing in the road point at me. One of the men stumbles over to us and grabs my arm.  Hey aren’t you the gir… WHAP. Billy sucker punched the guy. One hit and he’s out cold. Hand no longer grasping my arm. I look at Billy, it all happened so fast so I’m a little stunned, what, he’s not grabbing you anymore right? And he smiles.

Florida State

We’ve made it. And it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Billy and I walk up to a man, Jim, and they hug. Jim says, Glad you guys made it. I’ve seen you guys have been on the run from Sex Games.  It’s all over the news, but you’ll be safe here. Billy and I trust each other with our lives. 

He leads us up to small apartment looking building and walks us to the 5th floor. He opens a door to one of the rooms and says, here you guys go. Hope you sleep well. We walk in and the door closes behind us. Billy looks at me and says, see I told you, you can trust me. A click sound comes from the door handle. He walks over to the door and wiggles the handle, it’s locked. We can’t unlock it from the inside. I say, well maybe we can’t trust Jim. The TV flicks on, Billy. Deann. Glad you guys made it… Scenes of us having sex flash on the screen at our secret hiding spot near the skyscraper. We’ve been watching you this whole time… You can see us running from the games. Me getting the bike from the little boy. You really thought you’d get out of this that easy? Us going through buildings, sleeping in hidden areas, Billy punching the random drunk guy. Oh no, you’ll never get out, but you two are one of the reasons this show has a high amount of viewers. So… An image of us watching the TV appears on our screen. Welcome back to Sex Games, the updated version.

I look at Billy, tears coming down my face, I thought we were safe here, I was supposed to trust you, what are we going to do now? He looks at me, the same smile he always wears across his face shining away, we are going to stay here. Just the two of us. And we are going to win. You can trust me. And he kisses me.

Then I woke up. Sweet dreams from WrittenREM.

The Vacation

The Vacation

This dream is also from 2014. It has my old boss in it, we are going to call him John. There were four other members in this dream, but I swear I have no idea who they were. I know in dreams any person that has an actual face being shown is someone you’ve seen before, but these were not people I know. Probably just passed them on the street one day. So they will have random names. Exciting! So something to point out before the dream.. it becomes “easy to guess what happens” towards the middle, however, the end will blow you away! Anyway.. the dream!


At the Beach

John and I were dropped off on a remote island for a vacation. We could see our friends out on the beach already when we were landing, so we knew where we were headed. We dropped our luggage off at our rooms, changed into our swim suits, and headed out to the beach. Something I noticed right away, there wasn’t anyone else on the island but us. John and everyone else decided to go into the water while I sun bathed on the beach. I could hear their laughter and the splashes of water from them swimming. Birds were flying overhead, running shadows across my body. The sun, blazing hot. I was sweating instantly and decided to walk to the showers to cool off for a moment.

As I’m walking up to the showers, a blonde haired little girl dressed in a blue and pink ruffled dress came out of the bushes near the showers. She began walking towards me, eyes forward to the water, and it was like she didn’t notice I was even there. For whatever reason I just kept going to the showers, not thinking anything of the little girl.

I finished my shower, walked back to grab a towel off a hanging rack and Leslie was standing there. She looked at me and says, man it’s a hot day, but this island is gorgeous and that water is crystal clear. It’s been a great time so far. I look back at her, look at the beach and say, it defini… wait… wasn’t there someone else in your group? I think his name might of been Frank? She looks back at me puzzled at says, who?

Visiting the Ship

Off the shore was a wrecked US naval ship. It looked like it had been there for years, untouched and rotting away. Our group decides to go towards it, hell lets take a tour. We get to the ship, I look at it and decide it’s not worth it. It looks like if any of us go in there the floors will fall through. Rust is just everywhere. John and the three others continue into the ship.

I sit on some large stones near the ship to wait for the rest of the crew. It feels like two hours go by when I hear a little girl laugh. I quickly turn around to see the little girl sprinting on the top deck towards a door. This time I don’t get a good feeling.

I run to the door where everyone entered and yell, GUYS! GUYS!! HELLO! GET OUT OF THE SHIP! NOW! John and two of our friends come out. They’re panting and John says, why the rush, what’s going on, is everything okay? I looked at the three of them standing in front of me, JOHN! Where is Anthony! Anthony was just with you! He went in the ship with you! Go get him! John looks at me, I think you’re just a little tired from the heat. I don’t know who Anthony is. Leslie, Caitlyn, I’m going to take Deann back to the room. I don’t think she’s feeling so great. John takes me by the arm and starts walking me back to my room. My head is spinning, I’m confused, where did the two guys go? I know they were here, I remember their smiles, them splashing water at the beach…

We’ve almost reached the hotel when the little girl walks out the doors, past John and I, and towards Leslie and Caitlyn.

The Next Morning

I wake up, look at the mirror, staring at a reflection of myself, shaking my head, giggling. I’ve gone mad. I must of gone mad. No, no.. keep it together. Frank… drown? Anthony… ship? One of the girls…?

Back at the Beach

Leslie wanted to go back to the beach. I wasn’t too fond of the idea, but John is all up for it. Duh, girls in bikinis. Who wouldn’t wanna go? I again decide to sun bath. It’s another hot day, another day for sweating after a few minutes. So John and Leslie go to the beach.

I didn’t even feel like questioning where Caitlyn went. I feel like I’m on repeat because I get up, again, and go to cool off at the showers, again. Except this time there’s no little girl. I took a sigh of relief. Maybe too soon. As I go to grab my towel, Leslie is standing by them drying off. How was the water, another cool swim? Leslie begins jabbing on about how great it was, John’s a hunk, hopes he caught a glimpse of her boobs… I stop listening. The little girl is standing behind Leslie.

I look over to the water to see John doing laps, not paying any attention to what’s going on over here. I look back at Leslie and see her towel wrapped around her neck, she’s being strangled… but there’s no hands on the towel. She’s just standing there arms at her side, face turning purple, where’s the little girl?

Back to the Hotel

John and I pack up our gear and start heading towards the hotel and that’s when I lose it. I stop on the trail and John turns around to face me. Where is everyone! What happened to the other three! How did you not notice Leslie being strangled! You haven’t seen any little girl?! He yells back at me, I have no idea what you’re talking about! You’re losing it! I’m leaving!  Me, You can’t leave! She’ll kill me! Hell, she’ll kill you before you leave! ….That’s if she’s doing the killing… She’ll kill you! She killed the rest.

It’s the little girl. She’s walking down the path towards us.

John, turn around.

I’m not going to turn around no reason to, what’s there? Oh right NOTHING! I’m going home.

She’s getting closer to us.


You’re insane. I can’t believe I made this trip with you.

Tears are streaming down my face. John, she’s going to get you…

The little girl is no longer walking down the pathway. I can’t see her. Where did she go.

Out of no where a lightning quick, black figure runs out of the woods and stands behind John. Something starts slicing him in front of me. I can see the blood lines on his arms… now torso… now above left knee… now down by he right ankle… he just got decapitated… but somehow he’s still standing. The black figure goes, HAH. And John tumbles to the ground in pieces.

The Glass Building

I walked over top of John and kept heading towards the hotel. The little girl has been following me the whole time. She hasn’t said a word, she’s just following my pace. Anytime I stop, she stops. Anytime I move, she moves. I’m crying, I’m scared, I’m confused. I should’ve never came on this vacation.

We get to where the hotel was, except now it’s no longer a hotel. The walls have turn into glass, it’s completely see through. I can see the trees surrounding the whole building. It is a perfect cube. I’m staring at the building, unsure of what to do.

Go in.

I turn around expecting to see the little girl behind me, but she’s not there…

Come on…

I spin back towards the glass building and begin to walk towards it.

What in the world am I doing.. I’m going to die.. well.. maybe not.. who knows.. I need to go into the building.

I make it to the glass wall. A handle pops out, so I reach my hand to it and spin the knob. I push the door open. Inside it’s not glass… inside the walls, ceiling, and floor are covered in redish pink human muscles and tissues. I can see veins running around, blood pumping inside them. I peek my head around the door and see from the outside it’s still glass. Inside… not so much.

What are you waiting for, close the door?

I jump back around and look towards the center of the room. There’s the little girl standing in the middle. I begin walking towards her and she disappears. I can hear her giggles coming from the walls. But not one specific spot, left wall giggle…. back wall giggle… right wall giggles…

Aren’t you excited? I’m excited.

I stop moving in my tracks, excited for what? Where are my friends? What have you done to them? She appears two feet in front of me and says, oh… you mean these friends..? She raises her arms until they’re parallel to the floor. Glass rooms begin to form in the inside, but they’re empty. I can still see the muscles and tissue through the glass. No one is there! Where are they! What have you done! She disappears and it’s back to giggles… more giggles… more giggles… left… back… right…. BANG… BANG… BANG…

What’s that banging…? I look around and see my friends fading into picture behind the glass rooms, each one in their own separate compartment, each one no longer having skin, only muscle, tissue, and veins. Frank looks like he’s been drowned… Anthony has a pole coming out of his head… Leslie has multiple stab wounds across her body… Caitlyn’s neck looks thin… and there’s John, sliced in pieces. BANG… BANG… BANG… BANG.. CRASH.

They’re breaking out of their chambers! They’re going to kill me! I need to get out of here.

The little girls pops up an inch from me and whispers, your turn. And all of the glass shatters.

Then I woke up. Sweet dreams from WrittenREM.




This dream is from 2014 and has a coworked involved in the dream. Her name is going to be changed to Lauren because I did not get consent to put her actual name in this post. Anyway, Lauren was starting to dislike me because she was jealous that I was getting praise for the work I accomplished in real life. So the dream occured. Side note – I love shooting guns and have nothing against the use of guns. Dreams are dreams.

The Aquarium

The aquarium is enormous. The floors, ceilings, and walls are all aquariums. It’s a large box and I’m standing directly in the middle. I begin to walk towards a wall, confused on how I got in and how to get out. I am about two feet from the aquarium wall when the wall slowly shifts to become a doorway. Through the doorway I can see an expansion of aquariums. I walk into the next room and see multiple walkways over top of me, criss-crossing in multiple layers towards the top of the aquarium ceiling. I’m looking for stairs to venture up towards the ceiling. My only thought is that maybe this is an underwater aquarium and if I go up, I’ll reach the top of the water to see sky and a beach nearby. I’m walking around, not seeing anyone else in the aquarium, except myself, and finally see that the stairs are part of the aquarium. They were blended in and I’m getting tired from the searching I did. Glass stairs, blending in with the glass walls, blending in with everything in this room, I’m getting mad, I’m repeating the words in my head, I decide to sit on the steps to rest.


I fell asleep on the stairs, but now I’m awake because someone just entered the room. It sounded like a tidal wave when the walls moved, but I got up and hid behind the stairs before they could see me. I peek my head around the corner of the stairs and see Lauren and four men dressed in black walking in two rows behind her. She points two to the right and two to the left. I hide behind the stairs and say to myself I need to get out of here. The walls moving are going to be too loud, she’ll here me and just follow me to wherever I go. I can run fast, so I better start running up if I want to get away from her. I sprint up the stairs and begin going in random directions on the walkways. My only thought is that if I make the trip up confusing she’ll have difficulty getting up to me. I can here her laugh echoing throughout the aquarium. I hear FIRE! Bullets are shooting past me and hitting the aquarium walls. I stop and look at where the bullets are hitting and am wondering why the glass didn’t break. It’s an aquarium.. glass breaks? I continue running up, no time for thinking, I must be crazy to stop running. Her laugh is still echoing through the aquarium, when suddenly it stops. I stop running to catch my breath and look over the railings to see where they went. I can’t see them, I’m getting nervous, got to keep going up. I’m running across a walkway when it starts to break apart in the middle. An aquarium column sprouts up where the middle of the walkway was and out from the column comes Lauren and her four men. A fucking elevator, I say to her. She smiles and says back to me, oh you don’t know all my tricks, dear. This is my home, I know how everything works here. But you, well, I’m just glad you made it. I was about to ask what she meant by that, but noticed her four men were raising their guns again. I turned around and ran as fast as I could. I started going up across the walkways again, but realized they were still close to shooting me. Bullets are inches away from me and I’m barely making it. Then I fell. The aqaurium feels like it’s experiencing an earthquake. It’s shaking and I look up to see it’s not the aquarium, it’s the walkways. They’re moving. I stand up to see Lauren and her men standing on a walkway that is moving up towards me. I keep running, but the walkways know I’m coming and keep spinning in a different direction before I can reach them. Screw it! I’m running through a wall. Maybe I’ll have better luck in the next room.

The Room

The walls move and I make it into another room. The door closes behind me and I can no longer hear gunshots. I’m standing in the middle wondering what I should do. Her words repeat in my head, I know how everything works here. I’m tired, exhausted. I’ve been running all day and I’m starting to give up. She’s going to find me. As that thought goes across my mind, I hear the wall behind me open. Heels are tapping on the aquarium floor as she walks towards me. Her men are followed behind her, I can feel that their guns are raised. They all stop about a foot behind me. Turn around, she says. Instead of turning around, I slump to my knees. I don’t want to fight anymore. She has one of her men pick me up onto my feet and turn me around. You really thought you could win? She smiles again and turns around to walk away. She begins walking and I’m watching her. Heels tapping the floor, I’m beginning to get nervous, aquarium wall begins to open, I’m starting to shake, one of her men steps in front of me, I’m literally trying to wake myself up in real life, the man puts a gun in front of my face, wake the fuck up Deann, I hear a gunshot.

Then I woke up. Sweet dreams from WrittenREM.